Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Disney Trip!

Hello Everyone!

If you are new to reading my blog then, welcome! If you are a consistent reader then thank you so much for all of your support, it means the absolute world to me! So as some of you may know, my parents took me to Disney World for a graduation gift and as my senior trip. I thought that it would be nice to sit down and sort of explain how the trip went and if you are planning a trip yourself then what you should expect. I have been to Disney about five times now since I was very small and I have a pretty good amount of knowledge of what to expect while at Disney. First off let me say this, this trip was very luxurious for all of us. Thanks to my grandparents.

We left Sunday, June 1st. Sunday because there was not very many people traveling to Orlando on this particular day of the week (Friday and Saturday are usually rough driving days). We left our home around 6:30 a.m. We own a mini van so all five of us humans (Daddy {who did most of the driving}, Momma, Granny, Brother, and myself) were not cramped in anyway, shape or form. Along the way we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and again for lunch. We got to Westgate Vacation Villas Town Center around 3:30 p.m. We stayed in the newest built building and the villa we had was a two bedroom, two bath. So I had a whole room and bathroom to myself, which was very nice. I really recommend this place. My Grandma and Grandpa own a share of the condos and we only had to pay $60 for the whole week because of them, so that was awesome! The rest of the day we took it easy and rested and unpacked everything. My little brother went to the pool and I went to Walmart to pick up food items and then I went to the pool. I must also mention that the villa contained a small kitchen.
Here is a few pictures from our vacation... Check my Facebook page for more

Monday we went to Epcot for half of the day. Now Disney has this new thing called Fast Pass Plus, and to get a fast pass you have to go to these little stations and get your choices of rides, we wanted a fast pass for Soaring and along with that we got the fast pass for Journey to Imagination and Mission Earth. After we got the fast passes we went to Test Track (which we waited 50 minutes to ride), then we did Ellen's Energy ride, then Mission Earth, then Journey to Imagination (we used our fast pass for this), and then Soaring (we waited about 90 minutes to ride). We didn't go to any of the countries because that really isn't our cup of tea. We also found that with some rides it was easier to just wait in line as opposed to waiting for your fast pass time. FYI a fast pass is basically a separate line that basically allows you to cut the stand-by line. We ate at Electric Umbrella for about $60 for the five of us. The second half of the day was spent at Hollywood Studios. We did not get any fast passes for anything at this park. We rode The Great Movie Ride (which was amazing, it was my first time riding it), watched Beauty and the Beast, rode Star Tours, watched the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, and then watched Fantasmic (The night show- 3 of the 4 theme parks have a night show). Afterwards we were so tired we went to the condo. There we ate little nick-nacks, took our showers, and went to bed.
Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom for half of the day. Surprisingly this was my least favorite park on this particular trip. It's much like a zoo. We rode Dinosaurs (a ride that we fast passed), watched It's a Bug's Life, saw the Tree of Life, Watched the Lion King, and rode the river rapids (which we fast passed and waited in line for about 20 minutes even with a fast pass). We ate at Flame Tree BBQ for about $70 for the five of us. For the second half of the day we went back to Hollywood Studios and rode The Great Movie Ride (again), watched The Voyage of the Little Mermaid (which I loved), watched Jack Sparrow (I don't remember the full name of it but it was the stupidest thing ever and a complete waste of time-such a disappointment) and rode Toy Story Mania (which we waited for 90 minutes to ride- it wasn't awful but I wouldn't ride it again). Afterwards I did a tiny bit of shopping and then we left to go back to the condo and repeated the same process.
Wednesday we went to Magic Kingdom, by far our favorite park. We rode the monorail over (and the Ferry boat back) and we watched the morning parade (by no choice of course. I am not very interested in parades so this was one of the only ones we watched) we headed to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and decided to hold off on it because there was a 90 minute wait that early in the day so we rode Goofy's Barnstormer. Then we rode It's A Small World, Winnie The Pooh's ride, Big Thunder Mountain (a 90 minute wait), Splash Mountain (a 90 minute wait), Pirates of the Caribbean (20 minute wait with fastpass), Carousal of Progress, watched the Hall of Presidents, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan's Flight, watched the Enchanted Tiki Room watched Mickey's Philharmagic, watched Mosters Inc. laugh floor, watched Enchanted Tales with Belle and watched Country Bear Jamboree. On this day we ate at Diamond Horseshoe for about $60. Then we went to the condo and we actually got a rotisserie chicken, chicken salad, and chicken and broccoli alfredo from the local grocery store located inside the resort area.
Thursday we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We rode to ferry boat over and the monorail back. For us, this was only a half a day because the pace was so fast for all of us that we actually started getting cranky with each other. We first rode The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and it was well worth the wait, my review of this is that if you like Big Thunder Mountain, you'll like this. It has about 3, maybe 4, small drops in it and to be honest it is a little smoother than Big Thunder Mountain. I kid you not we waited about 2 hours to ride this. Afterwards, we ate at Be Our Guest. I LOVED IT! It was a dream come true and everything we ate was amazing and delicious and perfect! We spent about $80 but we purchased cupcakes to share. Truth be told, if you want to eat there for lunch you'll wait in line for about an hour. My mom held a spot in line for us while we rode the mine train and by the time we got off we still had to wait. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! We rode Tomorrowland's Speedway, Stitch's Great Escape, Space Mountain,  Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, again), and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We didn't ride much but we enjoyed it. We left around 5:30 p.m. and had plans to come back to the park to watch fireworks but we didn't because we saw the show two years ago (and because I wanted to soak in the Jacuzzi that was located in our room). Might I also add that for dinner we had a hotdog from Casey's Corner. AMAZING!
Friday we were going to go to DisneyQuest but decided to take the day off, relax, sleep in, and us girls decided to go to the gift shops and see what they had... it was sure fun. Afterwards we went back to the condo and ordered pizza and went swimming. Not much but we really enjoyed Kissimmee, Florida.
Saturday, we were supposed to go to the zoo in Orlando but instead we went to DisneyQuest and Downtown Disney. What is DisneyQuest? If you like video games, you'll like this... its basically an interactive arcade. For me, it was a waste of money (almost $300 for 5 of us) and time. I would suggest researching this and seeing if its something you'd really wanna do. I loved Downtown Disney. It was basically a ton of shopping and I really love shopping. I will have a haul up soon (on either Lace in Ruffles Blog or LaceinRuffles Vlog Channel on YouTube). We ate at Planet Hollywood, which I also thought was a waste of time and money, it was really overpriced ($90 even for our meal), not very yummy and really loud. Not my cup of tea! So we got home pretty late and had to pack our belongings to get ready to leave on Sunday ( :( ). I'm not gonna lie... I have missed everything about Disney and Westgate Resort Villas! It was just magical!
Sunday we drove back to Alabama. Sad day.

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