Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are doing wonderful! Today i wanted to share my prom pictures with you! I know I have not been including very many pictures in my post lately but I really wanted all of them to be in the same place.
 Me and my best friend, Devon. He was also my prom date.
 My incredible parents and me... <3
 Us just being... well us!
 So I had no clue he was making this face... he's a goofball!
 I went with my best friend (Devon) and Hannah went with her best friend (Rodney)! I love this picture it shows so much of our personalities!
His shoe was untied... It bothered me, so I tied it back!

 If you guys only knew how awkward this was!

 Love this picture. We are pretty close and I think it shows just how close we really are.
 I had no clue what to do with my hands!
 No kissy faces this time... a "normal" picture!
 Adore this picture!
Last year I had so much trouble getting the boutonniere on my date...

But a little concentration ...
and luck...


 Well that was easy...!

My sharp date!

 I decided to walk through the pine needles and leaves so Devon was kind enough to hold the back of my dress for me... Thanks buddy!
 Posing for the camera!

My amazing daddy and me!

 Devon and his Mother...

 Wonder what on earth he was thinking...
Bobby... lookin' good!

 Big smile now...!
 My mother made my corsage and the boutonniere.
The back of this dress is what sold me

Hannah... beautiful as always!

 Rodney and Hannah looking lovely together...

 Cinderella and Princess Aurora!

 Bobby and Octavia!

 We all have some connection to each other...

 How jaw dropping is this?!


Huge thank you to Hannah and Hannah's mother for doing my hair!
Huge thank you to Mrs. Owens and my mother for pictures!
Huge thank you to my mother for making Devon and my flowers!
Huge thank you to Devon for Escorting me out!