Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obsession NYC!

Hey guys! Today i will be talking about the drugstore brand New York Color (NYC). I have found some products from this brand that i really do like and enjoy and have become a staple in my collection. Now you may walk right by this brand and think "There is nothing good here" so i have put together a list of products i like and would purchase. The eyelash curler from this brand is my holy grail! Hope you enjoy!





SPARKLE EYE DUST $2.99- Pink Topaz, Golden Champagne, Opal Sparkle, 884, and Amber Glitz


APPLELICIOUS GLOSSY LIP BALM $2.99- Blushing Golden, Caramel Apple, Pink Lady, Apple Blossom, Garney Gala, and Big Apple Red


BIG BOLD GLOSS $3.99-Voluminous Peach, Coral to the Max, Extra Large Latte, and Pleasantly Plump

UP TO 8HR CITY PROOF GLOSS $3.49-Midnight Rose, Coffee Break, Blush Forever, and Everlasting Blossom

IN A NEW YORK COLOR MINUTE QUICK DRY NAIL POLISH $1.99- East Village, Central Park, Spring Street, Times Square, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Midtown, Prospect Park, Prince Street, Lexington Yellow, Water Street Blue, and High Line Green


I hope you guys enjoyed, I had so much fun doing this and I know it was helpful to so many, which makes my day! If you have any favorites, or other brands feel free to leave them in the comments and I will surely check them out!



Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obsession EyesLipsFace!

Hey guys! I have a inexspensive brand to talk about today, we all know about EyesLipsFace or E.L.F.. It's a very popular brand and they have some amazing stuff. I had a recent post on the E.L.F. brushes i love and how i use them and alot of you seemed to really like it, after a conversation with a reader i was inspired to make a few list of inexspesive make up ive been obsessed with lately! One of the four brands is E.L.F. i have been really into the products and especially the studio line thats only $3! This particular brand in my collection would make up my blush drawer and my highlighting drawer!




Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 ($3)-Romantic Rouge, Mellow Melon, Nice & Natural and Peaceful Pink

Essential Lipstick ($1)- Charming, Nostalgic, and Flirtatious
Mineral Lipstick ($5)- Rosy Tan, Natural Nymph, Runway Pink, Party Pink, and Nicely Nude
Essential Hypershine Gloss ($1)- Flirt, Bubblegum, Fairy, and Bare
Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine ($1)- Strawberry, Pink Pop, Party Peach, Juiced Berry, Honey Do, Candlelight, Watermelon, and Pink Kiss

If you are interested in the brushes i love from this brand please see My Brushes for Girls on a Budget. I also have a post on my obsessions with

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Obsession Wet 'n' Wild

Hey guys! I am here with my "obsessed" list, this is a series i began because of an email from a reader and it opened my eyes to search for inexspensive makeup items that anyone can afford to have in their collection! Now, i mention products i would have in my collection and colors i think are wearable on pretty much everyone, and products that have high ratings (or a few i think are great)! Today i will be talking about a brand everyone and their momma knows about, and of course your gonna think... that brand is so cheap there is no way its any good, but i will tell you Wet 'n' Wild is incredible!


To Reflect Shimmer Palette-Rose Champagne Glow $5.99
Color Icon Blusher- Heather Silk, Pearlescent Pink, Mellow Wine, and Berry Shimmer $2.99


Take On The Day Primer- For my Primas $4.99
Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio- Walking on Eggshells, Sweet as Candy, Silent Treatment $2.99
Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection- Comfort Zone $4.99
Mega Last Retractable Eyeliner- Blackest Black $1.99


Perfect Pout Lip Color- Fergie Daily $3.49
Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15- Birthday Suit, Peachy Keen, and Within These Adobe Walls $2.99
Mega Last Lip Color-Just Peachy, and Pinkerbell $1.99
Wild Shine Lip Lacquer- Fling, Enamored, and Passionate $


Fergie Nail Color- New Years Kiss $3.49
Mega Last Nail Color- Wet Cement, 2% Milk, Sugar Coat, Club Havana, Tropicalia, and I Need a Refreshment $1.99
Fast Dry Nail Color- The Wonder Yellows, Buffy the Violet Slayer, Saved by the Blue, and Part of Five Glitters $1.99
Wild Shine Nail Color- Tickled Pink, Dreamy Poppy, Eggplant Frost, Blazed, Blue Moon, Rain Check, and Wild Card $.99

I hope you all have enjoyed this, I got a lot of feedback on my recent post Obsession With Essence and I really am glad i could help. I would like to remind you all that i will also have my obsessions with NewYorkColor (N.Y.C.), Eyelipsface (E.L.F.) and my Under $10! Xoxo, Kayla!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obession With Essence!

Hey guys! As promised i have a list of inexpensive cosmetics that Ive been drooling over for the past God knows how long. This particular brand is Essence, i have heard about this brand from a few beauty gurus from YouTube, one in particular (Melmphs), and ever sense i have really been wanting to pick a few things up. I knew I had wanted to inform you guys about the products in which I have heard being raved about and just things in general that I would enjoy myself. Where I live I don't have an Ulta which is most commonly where it is purchased at in the United States, but it can also be purchased at FredMeyer or H-E-B. I do plan on getting down to an Ulta soon but until then I will tell you guys about it!


Gel Eyeliner ($1.99)- Midnight in Paris

Eyeshadow ($1.29) in Metropolitan, Get Ready, Party All Night, and Cappuccino Please

Long-Lasting Eye Pencil ($2.49)- in Black Fever, and Hot Chocolate

3D Eyeshadow ($3.49) in Irresistible First Love, Irresistible Caramel Cream, and Irresistible Chocolates

Colour & Go Nail Polish ($0.99)- in Off to Miami!, Space Queen, Sweet as Candy, Modern Romance, Date in the Moonlight, and Oh My Glitter


Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder ($4.99)-in Brunettes and Blondes

Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip gloss ($1.49) in Me & My Ice cream, My favorite Milkshake, and Candy Bar

XXXL Shine Lip gloss ($1.29) in Pure Chic, Big Night Out, Glamour To Go, Bubble Babe, Sparkling Papaya, Nude Candy, Nude Kiss, and Dazzle Glow

Kiss Care Love Lip balm ($1.99) in Fruit Crush, and Caribbean Sunrise

Lipstick (1.49) in Frosted, Sparkling Romance, and In The Nude

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope it was helpful to all of you! The colors mentioned are not all of the colors in each section just the ones I thought to be the most wearable and colors I myself would chose to have! As you can tell these are all very affordable products and very nice products to have in any ones collection, especially if your looking to build up your collection! In this series I will also be talking about the brands Wet 'n' Wild, N.Y.C., and E.L.F. I will also do a products under $10 post talking about products that may not belong to the same brand but are worth mentioning! Xoxo, Kayla