Thursday, March 28, 2013

When spring time comes around every year i always feel like its a new year instead of a new season, this is the time of year when fresh fruits are amazing, water is a great drink, pampering is a must, and of course the trends change, but me being the girl i am, i keep the fashion year round because i love the lace, floral, ruffles, pearls, and all that other wonderful stuff that rolls around every spring! Spring is my 2nd favorite season, fall being 1st, and my favorite to shop! So for today's blog i decided to show items that i would purchase for myself, however actually buying them i think i will wait because where i live... its freezing still! I will be doing 2 or 3 parts for clothing, 1 or 2 for jewelry, and 1 or 2 for accessories such as purses and shoes. Now keep in mind that my closet is basically 2 colors, black and white, and those are my staples but i do sometimes branch out and get grey, and more recently I've be gradually reaching for nude and ivory and even slowly enjoying the occasional coral and mint colors. So fair warning!

My local store to shop at is Walmart, which is great because if you know the brands you know what is good and whats not you can score on amazing finds, and not to mention the fact it fits in my budget. Believe it or not, Walmart actually is like other stores in so many ways... especially in the clothing department, the clothes defiantly change with the seasons! So i go in my local Walmart about every Saturday and i have caught myself looking at a few things:

No Boundaries Juniors Scoop Neck Skater Dress ($15.88)

Comes in Pink City(shown) and Fruit Khaki

My taste would be to wear this without the belt and with a pearl jewelry set!

No Boundaries Juniors Spaghetti Strap Lace Dress ($14.88)

Comes in Artic White, Black Soot, Glow Orange, Hot Apple (shown), Mint Mist, and Pink City
I really find myself wanting Artic White, Black Soot, Mint Mist, and Pink City!

No Boundaries Juniors Cross Over Ruffle Top ($9.88)

Comes in Artic White, Black Soot (shown), Hot Apple, and Smoking Hot Pink

This top is so pretty and of course i would love Artic White and Black Soot!


No Boundaries Juniors Lace Back Cardigan ($9.88)

Comes in Coral (shown) and Fruit Khaki

I love both colors and its something simple but still cute to throw over a dress or a tank and give it a little extra touch!

Faded Glory Women's 4.5" Twill Shorts ($12.94)

Comes in Black Soot, Coral Whisper (shown), Mist Mint, Seaseme Seed, Artic White, Blink Blue, Rock N Red, Coral Passion, Ultra Aqua, Ciara Wash, and Light Wash

I really like Black Soot, Coral Whisper, Mist Mint, Artic White, and Ciara Wash, they are lovely to dress it up or down!

Faded Glory Women's Colored Cuffed Capri Jeans ($13.94)


Comes in Artic White, Black, Blink Blue, Dark Authentic Wash, Light Wash, Mist Mint, OC Wash, Orange Poppy (shown), and Seaseme Seed

I must say these are super cute and i am hoping to rock them this year in a few colors like Artic White, Mist Mint, OC Wash, Dark Authentic Wash, and Light Wash

Women's Lace Back Chiffon Flyaway Cardigan ($13.88)

Comes in coral (shown) and royal blue

Love both colors but i really like the coral more, and would look so cute with a white cami underneath it!


Kohls is another one of my all time favorite stores, they have incredible clothing quality and an amazing discounted price, but they are a little more pricey than walmart (tip: shop clearance, i get a ton of my stuff from there and the most i have ever paid was $10.00)! My favorite lines from the store are LC by Lauren Conrad, Candies (the new Candies girl is Carly Rae Jespson), SO,MUDD, SONOMA Life & Style, ELLE, and so many more! I get all of my jeans from the SO brand and i have never been disappointed! Here are a few pieces that i really like-ALOT!

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Chiffon Dress ($39.00 originally $60)

Comes in Tropical Teal (shown) and Coral

Nude Heels and some floral accents, READY TO GO!

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Chiffon Dress ($42 original $60)

one color

a little more formal but still super cute!

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress ($42 originally $60)

one color

I do really like the pops of color against the black... its a super cute dress that i could wear in class, on weekends, or to a event!

LC Lauren Conrad Bow Mixed-Media Tank ($25.20 org $36)

Comes in Breeze Green (shown) and Ocean Wave

I really like Ocean Wave, would be so cute with a pair of white shorts!


Candie's® Floral Crop Blazer - Juniors ($17.40 originally $58)

One Color

I know it seems like its way too hot in the spring and it is honestly, but for those windy says this would be super cute with a pale pink or white cami underneath it!

Another store i have recently been liking is dELiA*s, this store is pretty much girly-ness everywhere and i really enjoy looking around, even though it is a bit pricey.

Dip Dye Hi-Low Crown Tank ($24.50)

One color

This is super cute but i really don't think its worth the price, however it is still super cute!

Follow Your Heart Tee ($19.50)

One color

Super cute t-shirt, very casual, and girly! Its still cute enough to dress up a cruddy day!

Floral Tiered Tank ($24.50)

One color

Another piece that you can dress up or dress down... and its floral!

Love Ribbon Bow Tank ($24.50)

One color

Super cute tank for the warmer months, paired with capris or shorts and some sandals... ADORABLE!



Lace heart short sleeve ($19.50)

One Color
Something girly and simple to throw on for days you just wanna be relaxed!

Red Rose Horizontal Pleat Dress ($44.50)

One color

I love this its so simple yet girly and just perfect for spring... a must for my list!


I hope you have enjoyed this blog and i look forward to continue the series throughout the spring season! I also want to point out that all of the stores and websites had so much more that i would love to have shown but due to time and many more blogs i just could not, but i really encourage everyone to look at the stores and see what you enjoy yourself (and leave a comment below of what you found and loved) (also the stores had a ton of things that would look stunning for summer and for the colder months). Xoxo, Kayla


*I give credit to the websites and stores for pictures and info!*

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Lace and Ruffles!

Hey Beauties! My name is Kayla and I'm a seventeen year old girly girl who enjoys anything that has to do with just being me! I am in high school so I'm on a budget, but that's not to say I cant squeeze in any of my guilty pleasures every now and then. I adore make-up, candles, perfume, and lets not forget lace, ruffles, bows, floral, pink and white, pearls and diamonds! However, don't get me wrong, I am the typical teenager therefor I still love lounging around in sweatpants and t-shirts and my hair bouncing like a basketball in a top knot! I have a ton of inspirations to name a few: My wonderful daddy, my lovely grandmother, my open minded mom, my crazy baby brother, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Elle Fowler (YouTube; AllThatGlitters21), Blair Fowler (YouTube; Juicystar07), Bethany Mota (YouTube; Macbarbie07), and many, many more! A few websites I'm on, on and day to day bases, is Youtube , Pinterest , and HauteLook and let me tell you I am so addicted to these three websites! My blog will contain reviews on high end and drugstore products including cosmetics, hair care, skin care, candles, perfumes, and other odds and ins, it will also contain hauls for fashion, cosmetics, and home décor, as well as monthly favorites, current favorites, yearly favorites, tags from YouTube, and so much more! However, as a teenager we all know life is hectic, so nothing is ever perfect... During the last few weeks of summer and on into winter my life is a colorguard loving life and I am packed with all sorts of stuff, so I will try my very best to have a new post on Wednesdays, and Saturdays but through the last few weeks of Winter and on into the Summer my goal is to have a new post every other day (excluding Mondays and Thursdays!) ! I really hope all of you enjoy my blog and if you have any requests just let me know and I will be happy to do my very best at doing what I can with them! -KAYLA