Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How did i get here?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

So last week I gave an introduction to my new blog concept and a “new” me (by new, I mean older, married, and perhaps wiser). I have really missed blogging and putting content out for people to read! My online life has declined a whole bunch! But that’s okay, I am back at it and I am ready to go! Hopefully, I’ll be uploading something new every week even if it’s just a “what I eat” kinda thing!
I guess I should first discuss why I have decided to change the content and direction of my blog. I have been big into my health since I was 19 and even though I have fallen into a few slumps and I have gained all the weight back I lost- I’m still highly cautious of what I intake. I still find myself watching my carbs and sugar, even my fiber! Honestly, that just became a part of me and who I am. I have learned so much through the process of trying to find a healthy me and I am so very grateful for it. While I’m not a doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist… I love helping people and I love even more trying to help someone find a healthier way of life. So if you ever need support, someone to talk to or even a virtual shoulder to cry on… I’m here for you!

The biggest question I’ve had to ask myself this time around to lose weight is do I want to go Keto again? And the answer to that is NO. I loved it the first couple of times I did it- I lost weight fast and I was never hungry but there was always some part of me that didn’t think it was the healthiest diet. Now if you want to do a Keto or LCHF diet I am all for you doing it! I think it’s great, I just think it’s something I can’t stick to and make it lifestyle change like it needs to be. This really started one day when my best friend made a few comments “Why do you eat processed food?” well, I couldn’t answer except that it was okay on the diet and an easy thing to fix. “Why do you need to put fat in your coffee if your trying to burn fat?” guess what, I couldn’t honestly answer that either. I mean I could say that it helps give me energy but it didn’t, the only thing it really did for me was “clean out my system”.  Point is… I didn’t really know why I ate particular items except that it was because it was okay to eat, even if it wasn’t the healthiest.

Fast Forward to a few weeks after that conversation. I called my mom because I had gotten myself really depressed, yet again. I explained to her that I was only spotting and not actually having a period when I was due. No positive pregnancy test and no signs of being pregnant- the only possible conclusion was that my PCOS was basically flaring up. Which is stressful when you’re trying to have a baby. She gave me her mom talk and told me not to worry, call the doctor and set up an appointment. Later that same night, she was digging around on Pinterest for things to help with PCOS (because she knew my mind was not eased) and sent me a link to Avocadu’s 21 day fat loss challenge. Basically this is a program that tells you EXACTLY what to do, what to eat, and when. I LOVE this idea because it honestly just seems simple and easy. The downfall? The program is $47 for Ebooks and I’m just not going to pay for something unless I have no other choice. Eventually I would like to buy it and follow it but right now it just isn’t the time. Anyways, I did all of the research I could possibly do on this diet plan, and then on keto, and then specifically for PCOS. I came up with my own diet that basically combined all of the knowledge that I had about all the other diets into 1 structured diet that I’m going to be testing.

Will this work? I have no clue… but if it doesn’t then im going to give Avocadu a try. 
Wish me luck!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Welcome to my (same-name-new-concept) blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’m not new to this blog thing and I’m not new to a low carb, ketogenic diet. But… I’m new to being an open blogger with no storyline or script. I haven’t a clue as to how to even begin this introduction to who I am, so I’m gonna do it the truest and easiest way possible. Hi, I’m Kayla! I’m 22 and I have been married to the most loving, God-fearing, and amazing man for over a year. If I can make just one person smile everyday then I have done what I am here to do, a laugh is better but a smile makes my day worth it! Anyways, I’ll start from the beginning to get to where I am now (Y’all go on ahead and grab yourself something to drink and a little snack… this is gonna be long).

 Three years ago I had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy who I had truly fallen for (said the whole I love you’s and everything) and wanted to marry… But he and I had MANY differences. I couldn’t blame him for cheating on me, because I just wasn’t the right one for him- it hurt at the time but it was ALL in God’s hands. Ill fast forward to his future because I really think it’s a story worth sharing, He didn’t want to get married but he did want to have kids, and that’s while he was dating me… once we broke up everything changed… He actually ended up marrying the girl he cheated on me with and he gained a beautiful baby boy (that he was certain he WOULD have) and I could not be happier for them! Remember that bit about once we broke up, everything changed. Back to that. I changed too… I was determined to make him wish he didn’t cheat, I was going to make him wish he still had me (I was VERY into Taylor Swift’s breakup music at this point in my life), and most of all I was going to move on with my life. So I started a low carb, ketogenic diet and literally went to the gym ALL. THE. TIME. It was the healthiest I had been in YEARS.

So I was down from 245 (I’m sure this was the lowest possible weight… but I feel like I could have been more honestly) to 215 (in 2 months) and I FELT the difference everywhere. During this particular time I went to my gynecologist who just gave me the news that I had PCOS. Okay, what did that mean? All in all from what I understood then was that losing weight would be hard, keeping it off would be harder, gaining weight would be easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy, getting pregnant would be difficult, and the risk of miscarriage was greater. The worst part? I needed to lose even more weight to even have a chance of eventually getting pregnant. Great. I mean this kinda stuff doesn’t happen to people like me. Especially not at 19.

So I lost more weight and by my 3 month of dieting mark, I FINALLY was in hundred-land. I was 199 lbs. YES! I felt incredible. I felt amazing. I felt powerful. I felt like I could do anything my heart desired. I bought a bikini, something I hadn’t worn since I was an eleven year old child, if even then. I felt wonderful in that bikini. Anyways, I met a guy (now husband) and started going out to eat quite frequently and guess what- I gained EVERY. SINGLE. POUND. BACK. Eating out has always a terrible idea for me… the restaurants add in stuff with carbs and when you think its low carb- it really isn’t, I mean I can give you a whole list. Eating out is just plain out awful for me and dating involved a whole lot of it. So there I was at 245… and there I have stayed. Trying several times to get back on it with no success and trying other diets to help motivated me to get back and I just didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t but should’ve. Now don’t get me wrong, this is my own doings and I honestly have no one to blame but myself.

Moving right along, I got married May 6, 2017 to that very same guy and that has been great. I got pregnant in July (and believe me… it wasn’t difficult by any means) and found out in August! We were SO excited to be parents! We went all out and everything, telling my parents and then his and then of course putting it on social media so it was official. I did everything right, ate only organic (except cool ranch Doritos), didn’t take medicine for anything other than high blood pressure (I’ll get to that in a second), and I didn’t expose myself to anything harmful. Our first ultrasound (at 6 weeks) showed a sac but we were informed that there was a possibility that nothing would form. Our second ultrasound (at 8 weeks) showed a baby and a strong heartbeat at 156! Our third ultrasound was done in the emergency room… and we got the news that our baby had no heartbeat. I was broken. Justin was broken. Thankfully our parents were there and helped us so much. A part of me wanted to make sure that those doctors knew what they were doing so I just went on to my OBGYN and got seen and sure enough our sweet little baby had met Jesus. I lost Baby Mahan’s heartbeat at 10 weeks and 3 days and passed at 10 weeks and 5 days. Thankfully, Baby Mahan let me pass him/her naturally just like the rest of the pregnancy had been. I knew I was high risk, but I didn’t know what that truly meant until that day. I went into a horrible depression and it’s faded away since September but the holidays were so hard. April has been the toughest month so far, as that would have been Baby Mahan’s due month (April 21). I’ve fallen into a deep depression several times since late March but… God’s got this. When you can’t stand, kneel and that’s what I do.
Now we are pretty much up to date. Currently we have been trying for 8 months to conceive again and have had zero luck, which is stressful. And DON’T come at me with “When you stop trying to conceive, you will”, because honestly… you don’t really stop trying, you just DO. This month has really made me question my diet, currently I am 8 weeks past my period but can’t get a positive pregnancy test… not that I think I’m pregnant but hopeful that I am. Any woman who has gone through a miscarriage has the same thoughts, trust me.

Oh and have I mentioned that I also have an eating disorder? That one has been the toughest to come out and admit. I guess I’ve known for a while that I have had one but to have it confirmed and now openly admitting it puts it at a more realistic level. That’s all I’ll say on that. But to add to my health issues, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and anxiety.

So earlier this year I decided to try the Keto Egg Fast and while I hated it… it motivated me. I continued doing Keto until late February and then came off yet again because… yup, you guessed it… going out all the time. It got convenient and I gave in. I lost several pounds and gained all of it back. So maybe, the keto diet isn’t for me anymore. I’ve tried and tried and with absolutely nothing to show.

And there you have it.

Here’s the beginning 
(insert High School Musical's Start of Something New)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Recent Obsession!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! So i've been MIA lately but because of this... i've discovered my new addiction in life!

Deal shopping!

I've always loved a good buy but since i've been getting stuff ready for the beach i've learned to love and appreciate deal shopping even more. With that being said i feel i should mention that i am a sucker for name brands! So when i see a good deal on a name brand item... it's mine, i've gotta have it!

Keeping this post simple, short and sweet... i thought i'd mention a few stores you should surely check out if you love shopping for a good deal!

  • Burkes Outlet! I have bought everything from dresses to bra's and panties from here. Even a Yankee Candle! I believe the most i've ever spent here is $18.99 on one item. Really good stuff for the house or the closet, for a good deal!
  • Big Lots! This is where i stock up on sunscreen, makeup, nail polish, home decor... even CD's. I love that everything here is heard of but discounted prices. OPI nail polish for $1.99? L'oreal sunless tan for $5.00? Plus the savings on the club card?! Yes please! This is a go to for almost everything excluding clothing!
  • Citi Trends! I dont know if this is even located elsewhere other than my town but i bought 3 outfits just yesterday for under $40 for the 3! I even spotted some Just Fab shoes for $8.99! Some items are name brand and others are a little if-y but i have found some amazing stuff in this store!
  • TJ Max! Does this surprise you? Now this one is a good bit pricey-er however, its worth the splurge if you've just gotta have it without the million dollar price tag!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! While cleaning up area my house today I got to thinking that I had a lot of favorites that I have yet to share! So I thought… “Let’s blog about it!” because that is what Kayla does, but don’t worry… I have other posts I intend on posting (maybe tonight, eh?)! Now, some of these are new and some are old but they are my current favorites! Tell me yours! Comment or shoot me an email! J I discover a lot of new favorites through you guys- believe it or not!

Shall we begin?

I think we shall!

-Candles! More specifically Patriot Candles candle in Vanilla + Peach (which is just as the name suggest… vanilla and peach- purchased at Walgreens!), Everyday Escapes Caribbean Splash (a very fruity candle and I am in love! It is a trio candle with the top layer being Papaya and Mango, the middle being Island Fruit- such as coconut, pineapple, honeydew, and the final layer is Tropical Nectar- a fruity (?) floral), Everyday Escapes Hazelnut Latte (which smells like you just walked into a Starbucks! It makes me very happy!) and Ashland Watermelon Sangria (which smells exactly as the name suggests). I’ve always loved candles and im sure one day I will share that collection with you all because it has been highly requested among viewers! Anyways, I’ve especially burned a lot of candles over the last few weeks.

-Hand Sanitizer! I don’t ever know… my boyfriend is somehow linked to this because I bought him one that I just fell in love with! I’ll get to that in a second. I’ve always used a lot of hand sanitizer but especially this month. My favorites have been Well at Walgreens Hand Sanitizer in Crisp Apple (a fruity apple scent) and Coconut Water (basically just coconut), and Bath & Body Works Fresh Strawberries (a tart strawberry).

-Bath & Body Works Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea! Specifically the fragrance mist, I have worn it pretty frequently throughout the month. Now, I could go and look up how it is actually supposed to smell but let’s be realistic here- I’m not. Why? Because anyone can do it and why waste my time when you actually don’t care. Long story made short, it smells like peaches with a perfume undertone.

-Bath & Body Works Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla! Again, specifically the fragrance mist. I have worn this a good bit more than the Peach one and I really expected to not wear it often at all. It smells exactly as the name suggests. Strawberries and Vanilla. It’s girly, get fun and fruity, but also a little flirty and Spring-ish. It’s perfection for Spring and Summer!

-Almay Clear Complexion Concealer and Treatment Gel! I hate concealer… at least I did until I met this little guy! I use the concealer more than I do the gel, but the gel is really good for keeping acne at bay. The concealer has a good coverage and it’s light enough that I don’t feel it on the skin- which I love! I use ‘light’ and it is perfect for those a shade up from fair but not tan ;) other than that- there isn’t much more to say about the product!

-Maybelline Master Prime Primer in Blur + Smooth! I debated about purchasing Clinique’s Superprimer in ‘sallowness’ which claims to blur the skin but I couldn’t swallow the $27 for a primer! Now don’t get me wrong… a good base is worth everything because that is what’s gonna hold the important products on, but $27 is a bit much for my budget. So I stumbled into this and I thought “what’s wrong with just trying it” so I bought it! Fell in love! It really makes the skin look amazing AND it holds the foundation for hours upon hours. I love it and for $8… it’s a STEAL!

-Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Notice Me Nudes! This was given to me by my Beauty Advisor and I adore it! Especially shades 1 and 2. I have a trip coming up in July and I can take this little quad and get SEVERAL looks out of it! It is perfect! Now if you are like EleventhGorgeous and think you can’t pull off shimmer shadows then… this isn’t for you! But if you are into satin and shimmer… you get both! Two shimmers and two satin shades, and they are stunning! And long wearing!

-E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose! I am all about some pageant girl lips... this is for sure one of those lip colors! I think it would work for any skin tone and be just as stunning! It’s a dusty pinky- mauve color… and its moisturizing! Not only moisturizing but long wearing! It’s my ideal lipstick! So light, you cant tell it’s there at all!

-Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate in 104! Another very pretty pageant girl shade! Compared to E.L.F.’s Ravishing Rose, this one is a little more on the dusty rose spectrum. It’s very pretty but I wouldn’t recommend it for those with fair skin tones- such as porcelain. Now, the thing with this lipstick is it starts out shiny like the E.l.f shade but ends up being matte and a little drying. It is very long lasting just like Ravishing Rose and just as comfortable on the lips as far as being air-light. Truthfully, I don’t feel like I have to watch what I do wearing this lipstick but it is a wee bit drying, I still wear it just as much as the other though!

Did I just about cover all the top drugstore brands or what?!

-Equate Feminine Wash! I don’t typically go for bargain brands BUT I got this because I liked the smell better than Summer’s Eve, so I thought “Why not?” I’m so glad I did! It actually feels like it works much better! And it lathers much better! Not to mention how much cheaper it is! $1.27 versus $5.97? For 1 once less? Ummmm… that’s a steal! I won’t be repurchasing Summer’s Eve unless Equate discontinues this and in that case… I’ll get back up’s!

-Equate Feminine Wipes (compared to Always)! Again, I don’t skimp on products but I am glad I did on this one as well! I like these wipes much more than always! They smell better and they are a little damper. Which, I like. There isn’t much to say other than that they are wipes… that are just better in my opinion. I’d repurchase!

-Bikini’s! Being a bigger girl, I am usually so self-conscious in a swim suit. The other day I was shopping with a girlfriend of mine for a swimsuit. I decided to try on a ‘push up’ bikini top and fell in love! It was so pretty and I loved it even more with a skirted bottom! It was just perfect!

-Dresses! It is no secret that I am a dress wearer! I’ve honestly wore them more this year than any other year… so they deserve to be a favorite!

-The Disney Princess Cookbook! Call me Crazy but I actually love this cookbook! It’s fun and yummy!

I hope you enjoyed!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately- i'll get back on it A.S.A.P.!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don’t give up on YOUR daydream!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I know it’s been kind of a while since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post but I decided that today would be the day I sat down and made time to do so! And I am actually kind of excited to write this post! Why? Because this is a ‘What is inside Kayla’s head’ post… and we don’t get too many of those around here!

So let me first begin by saying my head is up in the clouds. I’ve had A LOT go down in the past week or so and I’m gonna elaborate on all of it before I even get into the actual reasoning of this post.

First thing is first, I have a boyfriend! WHAT?!?! Yes, you heard me correctly. J This man is absolutely perfect! I have never felt this close to anyone in my life! He is literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a man and I am beyond BLESSED to have him as a part of my life. We honestly have so much in common that it completely trumps the small things we disagree upon. Also, he has a YouTube Channel... and I adore watching his videos!

Secondly, my weight-loss journey! I am still holding at 202, but my doctor and I were discussing some health issues I have and he decided that 15 to 18 more pounds gone in 3 months is going to fix this. So I will have at least one post on how that goes!

Now on to my day dreaming… I’m often asked by friends and family members how I would decorate my home once I do decide to move out. Truthfully, I have put a ton of thought into this and it’s honestly kind of ridiculous. But I think it is very important to have some kind of idea as to how you’re gonna decorate so that you can plan for it in the meantime. Also, if you are anything like me- the little things matter. A house is not a home unless you make it one. So make it a home. I was inspired to do this because a really old friend of mine is getting married and she’s putting so many details in her wedding! So I thought why not put those details in a home too?!

Living Room: To me, this should be a calming, relaxing atmosphere that reflects you and your partner.  I imagine my living room to be very reflective of positivity from God’s word, family oriented, and cozy. So think browns and creams and lots of pictures, crosses, and biblical quotes.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Let’s be realistic here, 9 times out of 10 the woman does the cooking. Therefore, I think the woman should have the overall say-so of what the kitchen d├ęcor is. Personally, Coffee-themed is the way for me! I love coffee and while it isn’t everyone’s cup of java… it is mine! I think the mocha hues are beautiful in a kitchen, so are the creams! ;) (If you got all the puns in that… you are awesome!)

Master Bedroom: I don’t know why but I have always thought the bedroom should in some way resemble you’re wedding day! At this point and time I imagine our room to have a lot of red and white shades, roses, crosses, and candles! Because that’s how I imagine my wedding day… which that’s a whole different story!

Master Bathroom: I cannot express how important I feel a bathroom is in a marriage… call me crazy and a little too personal but I think it’s important to bond through a bubble bath. Which is why I feel like the Master Bathroom should have a spa-like feel to it. Think candles, water fountains, baby blue hues with speckles of light green and beige, simple and elegant yet truly romantic.

Other rooms… 

Guest Bedroom: Express yourself a little bit here, but also know that you are trying to make a guest feel comfortable! I picture this as an elegant Disney room! “Be our guest, be our guest!” J Gray, yellow, and white! Happy and comfy… still elegant though! I would also keep in mind that this could potentially be a future child’s room so keeping the colors neutral like that could be beneficial!

Family Bathroom: Still express yourself, but make sure it’s going to make guest feel comfortable! For me, I imagine a black and white Disney them with pops of red… because I love Disney and it reflects the honeymoon that I will for sure have!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Workout Playlist

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Can we just take a minute and appreciate how I have a beauty blog and am consistently posting "health" related topics? I guess beauty starts within! I promise I've got beauty coming up... eventually!
Anyways today I wanted to share my workout playlist with you guess, which consist of a lot of pop, a little country, some Christian, a dash of dance, and a splash of hip hop. It's just what i'm looking for when I work out!
  1. Worth It- Fifth Harmony
  2. Closer, Faster- Against The Current
  3. Ready or Not- Britt Nichole
  4. Crank It Up-Ashley Tisdale
  5. Shake- Victoria Justice
  6. Rock 'n' Roll- Avril Lavigne
  7. Shut up & Dance- Walk the Moon
  8. Burn- Ellie Goulding
  9. Sledge Hammer- Fifth Harmony
  10. Gold- Victoria Justice
  11. Shine- Krystal Meyers
  12. Here's to Never Growing Up- Avril Lavigne
  13. Don't Let Me Get Me- Pink
  14. More Than Alive- The Ready Set
  15. Somebody- Natalie La Rose
  16. Gold- Britt Nichole
  17. Collide- Krystal Meyers
  18. Most Girl- Pink
  19. Centuries- Fall Out Boy
  20. Butterflies- Zendaya
  21. I don't Wanna Be in Love- Good Charolette
  22. Shake it- Metro Station
  23. Your Biggest Mistake- Ellie Goulding
  24. Make Some Noise- Krystal Meyers
  25. Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls
  26. Good Girl Go Bad- Cobra Starship
  27. Thank You- MKTO
  28. Seventeen Forever- Metro Station
  29. The City is at War- Cobra Starship
  30. Classic- MKTO
  31. I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson
  32. GDFR- Flo Rida
  33. American Dream- MKTO
  34. Bottoms Up- Brantley Gilbert

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weight Loss Journey!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog! Yesterday I weighed in at 205 pounds, while that may seem like an "oh my gosh YOU ARE SO FAT" number and nothing to be proud of... I am hugely proud of myself! Why? Because I have now lost 25 pounds on this diet and that is incredible. I don't think I have talked too much on this diet but it is Atkins, low carb diet.
Atkins website is brilliant at explaining this whole process but to give you a run down... you watch net carbs. Net carbs is what you get when you subtract your carbs from the fiber and from sugar alcohols. On Atkins you get 20-25 net carbs a day, However I do 20 net carbs a day. It's an easier number for me to have count of and a lower amount of carbs you get in a day... which I need. I have seen a bigger result of weight loss when watching carbs subtracted from fiber... but I have preferences in what I eat that I just can't do that.
Listed below is a meal plan for 7-days a week, and yes this is what I do. Also I wanted to talk about the exercises I do and where I get the ideas from as well as apps I use to help. I will list those below the meal plan.
Day One: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas steamed in 1 tsp. of butter and 1 tsp. water (4 Net Carbs), Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice (1 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Atkins Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo (5 Net Carbs)
-Snack: Atkins Chocolate Coconut Treat Bar (3 Net Carbs)
Day Two: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Good & Delish Bacon Jerky (Bought at Walgreens, 3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Jeanie-O Extra Lean Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), Almonds (3 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Turkey and Ham roll ups [Turkey (0 net carbs), Ham (0 net carbs), 5 slices of cheddar cheese (5 net carbs)] (5 net carbs), 1/2 cup cucumber slices (2 net carbs), Ranch (1 net carb)
Day Three: 16 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Southwestern Chicken Strips (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), String Cheese (1 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Atkins Beef Merlot (6 Net Carbs)
Day Four: 17 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs (1 Net Carbs for both)
-Lunch: 2 servings of Romaine Lettuce (4 Net Carbs), Reduced Sodium Bacon Bits (0 Net Carbs), 2 servings of Ranch (2 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Broccoli (7 Net Carbs), Warmed Jeanie-O Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs)
-Snack: Atkins Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Crunch Bar (3 Net Carbs)
Day Five: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate 18 Chip Granola Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Jeanie-O Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs), Sharp Cheddar Cheese slice (1 Carb), Almonds (3 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Atkins Peperoni Pizza (11 Net Carbs) 
Day Six: This is my cheat day! Even though I do have a cheat day, I do still watch what I eat, it's become a part of me to do so. So indulge but do not over indulge! I really like veggies and fruit but because they are so high in carbs I don't get them too often so I really go all out on veggies. I still watch how many calories i'm eating.
-Breakfast: Coffee (with no calorie sweetener and milk) and fresh fruit or oatmeal
-Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad (typically from Walmart) and Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt
-Dinner: A ton of veggies and a piece of meat.
Day Seven: 19 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), Pistachios (5 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Grilled Steak (0 Net Carbs), 1/2 cup Cucumber Slices (2 Net Carbs), Ranch (1 Net Carb)
-Snack: Atkins Nutty Fudge Brownie (2 Net Carbs)
So I typically never hit the 20 Net Carb mark... you don't have to, and truthfully I'm glad you don't because I am full after every meal! As you can see... I do not give up the things I like- such as chocolate and pizza. It can get pricey shopping but certain things can go over into the next week, like the meal bars, treats, Tyson products, Jeanie-O Turkey, coffee, oatmeal, ranch, cheese, almonds, pistachios and stuff like that. Most things I do not have to purchase but once a month and meats I buy in packages and freeze. I also repeat some meals within the week because I might have really liked what I had. I'm also known to have a snack or treat for breakfast as opposed to buying another package of meal bars. One day, I'll add it all up and tell you the cost but until then you are left to wonder on your own.
Now on top of the diet, I take vitamins and workout. So let me talk vitamins for a second. Biotin, One a Day Multi, and B12. That is what I take for myself... now some of that might change in a month or so but until then this is what I am doing.
At the Gym?
60 minutes on treadmill: Incline and Speed both 3.5
10 minutes on bike: Resistance at 8.0
5 minutes on elliptical
10 sets of curl bars: I use 5 pound weights, 5 curls per set.
20 sit ups
2 laps around the walking trail: Basically 1 mile
30 minutes in the pool: Lap swimming
All in all I spend about 3 1/2 hours at the gym every visit. I workout about 4 times a week.
My goal is to burn EVERY calorie I have put in my body and then a few extra. How do I keep up with the calories I taken in? I use myfitnesspal. I do really like the app because it lays it out flat what I have ate, even on my cheat days it makes sure I stay within my calorie count. I loose about 3 pounds a week doing all I do and I am happy with that result.
Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's be girls!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! As I sit here painting my nails I got to thinking about being a girl. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its a pain in the bum, and sometimes there is an in between. I had to pick up a few products the other night and me and a few of the other girls had a discussion about how we handle "being girls". Now before we begin, I must say... I am very girly so I do the best of the best and research everything.
Anyways, I debated on this particular post because... well it get deep, down, and personal. But I remember how much I needed something like this when I was first beginning. So today I am gonna discuss products I use to groom "lovely-lady-parts" and then some. Because the truth is, I was never taught, so it would have been nice to have a little guidance.
First thing is first. Groom how you want to! Personally, I like brazilin styles. But do what you want.
Finishing Touch Diamond Personal Hair Remover: With this, I start off with the bikini shaving attachment and as the hair becomes shorter, I use it without the attachment. I love that this has a light so you can see where you are going. It really makes a huge difference!
Bikinizone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel: Once the hair is short enough apply this. It's clear so you can see where you are going and it also helps prevent the red irritated bumps that can occur.
Gillette Venus & Olay 5-blade Razor: A razor with a high number of blades is going to be the best for this area. I do buy a thicker blade because I feel like it gives me a closer shave. I'm a huge fan of this one! The trick is to go over the area only once or twice if you must! This is going to keep you from getting razor burns.
Sea Breeze Fresh Clean Astringent for Sensitive Skin: I use this on a cotton pad to apply after my shaving. I feel like it causes less irritation.
...Other items?
Summers Eve Cleansing Wash: a body wash for you area! I really like this because it doesn't irritated and doesn't dry the skin out!
Always Lightly Scented Wipes: I use these in placement of toilette paper, I feel like it keeps me much cleaner. 
Summer's Eve Deodorant Spray: If you haven't figure it out, I don't do odors, so this is an extra precaution to make sure im confident no matter what! I spray it on the area and on my panties.
So that's my girl talk!
I hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Talk... Health!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Blog! I have been reading through my emails lately and came across a lot of great request and I want you to know that I will be doing them soon! Tonight I thought about pulling in a few of those request like going into my perfume collection or even talking about my lipstick collection but I thought maybe, just maybe, I could try to pull off something a little different for you guys. What is this witchcraft you ask? Well simple! I thought I'd share my diet and fitness with you!
First let me start off by saying I have dieted for years and years and ive stuck to a few things and I've ditched a lot of things. I like the idea of a diet but I never actually stick to one. So As of March 1st I have officially been on Atkins, a low carb diet. Now atkins takes your carb count and subtracts any fiber and sugar alcohol and gives you a net carb total. You get 20-25 a day. Which I've heard can be a struggle for some but it's not that bad to me. The only downside, in my opinion, is the "healthy" things like greek yogurt, blue berries, strawberries, bananas, etc. you can't have because they have so many carbs in them. I love that kinda stuff. However, you can have beef jerky, olives, cheese, and hard boiled eggs no problem.
It's not bad, but it does have a downfall. I started off in March weighing 230 pounds my weigh in today was 210 pounds. That is a total of 20 pounds lost in a little over a month, and I had several cheat days. I can only imagine the results if I would have stuck to the diet day in and day out! So I do recommend this if nothing is working and you do want something to work!
What else am I doing to benefit my weight-loss? I am taking vitamins! Currently I am taking One-A-Day for Women Multivitamin, Biotin 5,000 mg, B12 2500 mg, and Enchanicia 1000mg. I will probably take away the one-a-day and replace it with a different multivitamin because I really cant tell the difference when I take that multivitamin or not and I should be able to. I may also add FitMiss Burn to my daily dosing just because I think it could really help me in the long run.
Speaking of running... are you running Kayla? Not exactly but I do go to the gym pretty frequently. I spend about an hour on the treadmill at 3.5 incline and 3.0 speed, 25 minutes on the bike with 1.0 resistance, I try the elliptical but I typically only stay on it for about 5 minutes, and I really don't do weight lifting for in place of that I generally swim for about 30 minutes doing laps. That is my workout and the goal is to burn the calories im putting in my body. Afterwards I treat myself to a powerade-zero and go home.   

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Current Favorites!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog! I am high-wired and ready to go with wet nails and a Starbucks Double-Shot coffee! I thought i would sit down and work on a new post for you all because it might be another week before i can do it again based on the fact that i have quite a few turn-arounds to do. Yeah, i know, more excuses... 

 Anyways, today i am going to be sharing my favorites of the moment... things i love and have been loving... for a while or for a week. It's madness i tell you- we are all mad here ;) So in no particular order, shall we begin?

Crest HD Toothpaste: I know how ridiculous it is to pay $13.00 for some toothpaste but i got my hands on a sample before it was even released and fell in love! Now let's have "dirty" talk for a second here... I have dry mouth which causes awful breath, gingivitis which is a gum disease, and sensitive teeth which is probably from all the years i spent whitening my teeth so with all this being said... my dentist is pretty strict with my toothpaste and my mouth has to be happy and both were pretty pleased with this suggestion. It is a little more time consuming but the results as far as whitening goes is AMAZING! I do plan on continuing to use this until October to see if it helps at all with my gingivitis (which i've had for almost 2 years now) and to see if my teeth can hold up to the sensitivity. I'll let you know. Give it a try if you can though! The only complaint i have is that there are two steps as opposed to one but if you brush twice a day, on rush days you can use a normal toothpaste.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish: I had an eye on this for months and im so glad i finally got it! So far i have tried three shades and im impressed with all but one! The one is B Girl... it chipped awfully. The others are great, no chipping they last about a week on my nails (through work, workouts, cleaning, and driving around the world)! Which is great because usually the day of my nails are a goner! I strongly recommend this! But if you do give it a go you will need to use one of the four-sided nail buffers every three uses. 

Suave 24 Protection Deodorant in Everlasting Sunshine: I usually stick to Secret and i have for years but i saw this at the Dollar Tree and i was like "well ill get one and if i dont like it ill give it to my mom or grandma" turns out, i loved it! i have search for another everywhere and i cant find it but the smell is amazing and you can smell it all throughout the day! (<--- which i personally like) I basically use this as my "work deodorant" because i know it will last and still have that strong scent.

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant: Two? Yeah, no judging.  I use this when i workout and when i feel like its gonna be "one of those days". I really like it, it works. I think im gonna get the sport one to go in my gym bag.

Faded Glory Easter Dress: Okay so this may seem obsessive and absurd but i bought three of these dresses one in Pink, Blue, and White and i love them all. it is a cute style, textures, and the colors are pretty. And i wear dresses alot in the spring and summer so it makes perfect sense.