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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! While cleaning up area my house today I got to thinking that I had a lot of favorites that I have yet to share! So I thought… “Let’s blog about it!” because that is what Kayla does, but don’t worry… I have other posts I intend on posting (maybe tonight, eh?)! Now, some of these are new and some are old but they are my current favorites! Tell me yours! Comment or shoot me an email! J I discover a lot of new favorites through you guys- believe it or not!

Shall we begin?

I think we shall!

-Candles! More specifically Patriot Candles candle in Vanilla + Peach (which is just as the name suggest… vanilla and peach- purchased at Walgreens!), Everyday Escapes Caribbean Splash (a very fruity candle and I am in love! It is a trio candle with the top layer being Papaya and Mango, the middle being Island Fruit- such as coconut, pineapple, honeydew, and the final layer is Tropical Nectar- a fruity (?) floral), Everyday Escapes Hazelnut Latte (which smells like you just walked into a Starbucks! It makes me very happy!) and Ashland Watermelon Sangria (which smells exactly as the name suggests). I’ve always loved candles and im sure one day I will share that collection with you all because it has been highly requested among viewers! Anyways, I’ve especially burned a lot of candles over the last few weeks.

-Hand Sanitizer! I don’t ever know… my boyfriend is somehow linked to this because I bought him one that I just fell in love with! I’ll get to that in a second. I’ve always used a lot of hand sanitizer but especially this month. My favorites have been Well at Walgreens Hand Sanitizer in Crisp Apple (a fruity apple scent) and Coconut Water (basically just coconut), and Bath & Body Works Fresh Strawberries (a tart strawberry).

-Bath & Body Works Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea! Specifically the fragrance mist, I have worn it pretty frequently throughout the month. Now, I could go and look up how it is actually supposed to smell but let’s be realistic here- I’m not. Why? Because anyone can do it and why waste my time when you actually don’t care. Long story made short, it smells like peaches with a perfume undertone.

-Bath & Body Works Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla! Again, specifically the fragrance mist. I have worn this a good bit more than the Peach one and I really expected to not wear it often at all. It smells exactly as the name suggests. Strawberries and Vanilla. It’s girly, get fun and fruity, but also a little flirty and Spring-ish. It’s perfection for Spring and Summer!

-Almay Clear Complexion Concealer and Treatment Gel! I hate concealer… at least I did until I met this little guy! I use the concealer more than I do the gel, but the gel is really good for keeping acne at bay. The concealer has a good coverage and it’s light enough that I don’t feel it on the skin- which I love! I use ‘light’ and it is perfect for those a shade up from fair but not tan ;) other than that- there isn’t much more to say about the product!

-Maybelline Master Prime Primer in Blur + Smooth! I debated about purchasing Clinique’s Superprimer in ‘sallowness’ which claims to blur the skin but I couldn’t swallow the $27 for a primer! Now don’t get me wrong… a good base is worth everything because that is what’s gonna hold the important products on, but $27 is a bit much for my budget. So I stumbled into this and I thought “what’s wrong with just trying it” so I bought it! Fell in love! It really makes the skin look amazing AND it holds the foundation for hours upon hours. I love it and for $8… it’s a STEAL!

-Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Notice Me Nudes! This was given to me by my Beauty Advisor and I adore it! Especially shades 1 and 2. I have a trip coming up in July and I can take this little quad and get SEVERAL looks out of it! It is perfect! Now if you are like EleventhGorgeous and think you can’t pull off shimmer shadows then… this isn’t for you! But if you are into satin and shimmer… you get both! Two shimmers and two satin shades, and they are stunning! And long wearing!

-E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose! I am all about some pageant girl lips... this is for sure one of those lip colors! I think it would work for any skin tone and be just as stunning! It’s a dusty pinky- mauve color… and its moisturizing! Not only moisturizing but long wearing! It’s my ideal lipstick! So light, you cant tell it’s there at all!

-Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate in 104! Another very pretty pageant girl shade! Compared to E.L.F.’s Ravishing Rose, this one is a little more on the dusty rose spectrum. It’s very pretty but I wouldn’t recommend it for those with fair skin tones- such as porcelain. Now, the thing with this lipstick is it starts out shiny like the E.l.f shade but ends up being matte and a little drying. It is very long lasting just like Ravishing Rose and just as comfortable on the lips as far as being air-light. Truthfully, I don’t feel like I have to watch what I do wearing this lipstick but it is a wee bit drying, I still wear it just as much as the other though!

Did I just about cover all the top drugstore brands or what?!

-Equate Feminine Wash! I don’t typically go for bargain brands BUT I got this because I liked the smell better than Summer’s Eve, so I thought “Why not?” I’m so glad I did! It actually feels like it works much better! And it lathers much better! Not to mention how much cheaper it is! $1.27 versus $5.97? For 1 once less? Ummmm… that’s a steal! I won’t be repurchasing Summer’s Eve unless Equate discontinues this and in that case… I’ll get back up’s!

-Equate Feminine Wipes (compared to Always)! Again, I don’t skimp on products but I am glad I did on this one as well! I like these wipes much more than always! They smell better and they are a little damper. Which, I like. There isn’t much to say other than that they are wipes… that are just better in my opinion. I’d repurchase!

-Bikini’s! Being a bigger girl, I am usually so self-conscious in a swim suit. The other day I was shopping with a girlfriend of mine for a swimsuit. I decided to try on a ‘push up’ bikini top and fell in love! It was so pretty and I loved it even more with a skirted bottom! It was just perfect!

-Dresses! It is no secret that I am a dress wearer! I’ve honestly wore them more this year than any other year… so they deserve to be a favorite!

-The Disney Princess Cookbook! Call me Crazy but I actually love this cookbook! It’s fun and yummy!

I hope you enjoyed!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately- i'll get back on it A.S.A.P.!

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