Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but in Alabama I can defiantly tell a season has changed! It's officially FALL!
My favorite time of year!!! YAY!!!

I love the weather, the rain, the pumpkins, the leaves, the make-up, the clothing, the food, and well, pretty much everything! I really love shopping around and looking at all the new stuff and while yes I love to purchase my clothing in Spring, I love to transition in to the fall with some new stuff too!
I don't own a house of my own (I still live with momma and daddy) but I do love to decorate, its a passion of mine that goes un-noticed often! When i was younger i wanted to be an interior decorator, and while i have changed my mind several times... i still love to decorate! On with my point... i like looking around and finding new things to make the inside look as beautiful as the outside and get the feeling that each season may bring... Spring: energized, refreshed and new; Summer:  Fun; Fall: Cozy and Comfty; Winter: Cuddly and jolly... So i was on the Dollar Tree website, and found a few things that i thought you all may be interested in as well! And a few things i may just have to go and buy myself!

I hope you all enjoyed this short post, I encourage all of you to go check out what the dollar tree has, I always find incredible items when I go! Its also an affordable way to transition into the season!
Kayla <3

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!
I thought i'd post a little something just kind of a blog post to let you all know I have not forgotten you all! My week has been a bit stressful and long and I haven't done nearly as much as I wish I could have, I had many posts planned, a to-do list to do, a shopping trip on the way and they have all somehow been CANCELLEDIt all started Wednesday... our coach from my school died of breast cancer early that morning, she had been fighting breast cancer for a while and at one point was cancer free, it came back that she had brain tumors and was doing nothing but suffering. Her daughter, a grade below me (11th) stayed strong through it all and was glad she passed away and not suffering anymore... we all know she is in a better place and Heaven gained a special angel Wednesday! I have had a lot of band practice this week because I have competition on Saturday, and a very special game on Friday for our Coach!
This Sunday was the first day of Autumn, my favorite season! I have a few posts planned out and I am working on them as I have time to do so. I was also planning and shopping trip to do a bit of cosmetic shopping or just some kind of retail therapy, but I have been saving up money to get some t-shirts from Jiffy Shirts to have on our Disney trip after my graduation! This will cost me about $43.00 and then another $15.00 for sheets to iron the design on, I am hoping to have these sometime in December, which I am sure I will!
I started a diet Monday! It has no title but I have reduced my food intake, and lets face it I love me some food! I am hoping to eventually make up my mind if I want to do WeightWatchers, Atkins, or a Protein Diet... and I am coming off the Depo Shot, which I think is where a lot of my weight gain has come in. I am hoping to loose about 63 pounds, seems like a lot BUT I would feel much better about my weight! I have a large body frame and im right under 5'4". If you have any suggestions feel free to do leave comments or email me, I love hearing from you all! :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cute Disney Tops!

Hello Everyone!
I have been on a little kick with my Disney posts, haven't I? Well today I have one that's a bit different! This is focused on shirts, some for summer and some for winter, all related to Disney... I always love looking at these tops because they are so fun, and really cute! I would wear these at Disney myself, and I thought if anyone else was going to Disney they'd like to see more options! Ill begin with winter, Florida can get a bit chilly at night, so I would suggest having a sweater with you with a tank top that matches to take it off and wear it as you please, I like to wear yoga pants because they are really cozy and comfy!

The Lion King Pullover

Beauty and the Beast Pullover
Ariel and Eric Pullover

Sunnies Mickey Sweatshirt

Contrast Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt
Cozy Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

Studded Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

Minnie and Mickey 3/4 sleeve

I would personally wear these tops with shorts, because Florida is so incredibly hot!

The Little Mermaid Perfect Prince Tank

Aladdin Jasmine Tank

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Belle's Eyelook

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Autumn is right around the corner and I thought I would combine my 2nd favorite Disney princess with my favorite season! I have worn this eyelook for years during the fall and I haven't changed it much at all, I think it really represents Belle a lot as well!
The Face

The Eyes
  • Milani Eyeshadow Primer: I like to switch between this and Urban Decay's Primer Potion, sometimes I prefer one over the other!

The Lips
  • Clinque Think Bronze Lipstick: I patted this on my lips to give the look more of a pulled   together.
  • Softlip Coral Lipgloss: This is what gave my lips a really pretty rosey color that represented belle's rose.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are doing well! I wanted to apologize for not posting lately, I have been extremely sick since Friday night and I am still sick. I hope to be better soon, but I am having to work on my school work before posting on my blog. I am hoping to post over the weekend but I am taking two access classes that I have a ton of work in so please forgive me!
Another thing I wanted to mention... I am looking into starting weight watchers again! I really enjoyed it when I was on it and I really liked the feeling of doing something about my weight. I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and was feeling incredible! I want to lose between 58 and 75 pounds this time around, yes I know Christmas and Thanksgiving is coming around, so is my birthday but I really feel like I can do this. I was hoping to hear some stories and some opinions from you guys!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Favorites!

Hello everyone!
 I hope you all had a wonderful month of August! August was incredibly busy for me, I had band camp and also started school, needless to say, I had favorites!
  • Computer: I have been looking up quite a bit of stuff online everything from planning my Disney trip, to blogging. I have just really, really enjoyed the computer this month!

  • Banana Boat SPF 110 Sunscreen Ultra Defense: I had band camp this month and the sun in Alabama is burning up and with my pale skin and constant sun poisoning I needed the absolute BEST sunscreen possible! I had never seen SPF 110 before and when I did I grabbed it up and ill tell you... I didn't get burnt at all this month!

  • T-shirts and shorts: Again I had band camp and it's hot here, Danskin shorts were easy to throw on with Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, it was cool and easy to throw on! These have been my go-to's on weekends and during the last of my summer vacation!

  • Dresses: Let's face is... dresses are pretty and easy to throw on. I have wore these non-stop to school and church because they are also cool, and easy to throw on!

  • Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Mouse: I have really curly frizzy hair and this really helped my hair tame down a bit, because I have been wearing my hair down more and more  due to headaches

  • Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo: I picked this up about a month ago, and fell in love with it because not only does it hydrate my hair and moisturize it, it also cleans it extremely well!

  • L'Oreal Go 360 Clean: My face has constantly broke out this month due to the sweat and sunscreen this has been my skincare hero! its really cleared up my face and the scrub brush really makes it lather!