Friday, November 28, 2014

Check in, Check out!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I'm sorry i have been M.I.A. for almost a month now. My life has slowly started developing and i have been trying to get adjusted to work and life itself. Needless to say, i stay pretty busy between work, family, and having a boyfriend but i have put a little time aside to write this post tonight and so far so good :). 

Have you guys starting decorating for Christmas yet? I have! FINALLY! I'd say i pretty happy with the looks of my room, i'll be putting up the rest of the decorations Sunday and Monday! I've noticed my color scheme this year is green, red, and gold & my dads is white, blue, and silver... so this should be interesting.

Speaking of Christmas... have you all starting shopping for Christmas gifts yet? I started in October- don't judge. This being said i will probably not do a gift guide this year. My gifts are already wrapped and everything so what i will do is tell you here what i got for everyone on my list.

Mom: Angel Necklace and Chocolates
Dad: As Seen On TV Shaving Kit and Avon Silicone Glove Lotion
Granny: Cross Necklace and Ice Cream PJ's
Brother: Pokemon Y and Pokemon Poster Board
Boyfriend: Stocking! Consisting of Dermesil, Curve Crush Cologne, Deodorant, Body Wash, Wild Country Body Wash, Coffee Mug, and various snacks. 
Dirty Santa Game: Yankee Candle Candle Set
Dirty Santa Game: Suave Gift Set

And speaking of shopping... did you guys do Black Friday this year? I DID for the first time for myself. I'll leave a list of everything i purchased on Black Friday here:

Grandma's Kitchen Candle
Tropical Melon Candle
Smoothie Berry Candle
Scuncii Hair Ties
Secret Deodorant
Taylor Swift 1989 Album
Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture
Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melt/Warmer Gift Set
Holiday Album

What did you guys get?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Q & A: Marriage? Kids? Relationship?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! So today I just wanted to sit down and talk to you guys, honestly, because sometimes I feel like being a beauty blogger is the only thing I am thought of as. Truth is, I am just like anyone else in the world. I have good days and I have bad days, I have pretty days and I have days that I don’t care. Everyone does and I’m just here to let you know that it’s okay. Where are you going with this? Well… as a beauty blogger I get recognized for just that, a beauty blogger- But I am so much more than just that! I am your friend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of you- from the emails, to the texts, even to the Facebook messages! That is ultimately what I want to be thought of as. A friend.
Like any good friend, I am here to give you advice and I am here to listen to you. If you ever feel down- shoot me an email! I’ll reply!
Speaking of those emails. I get a lot of questions in my emails and because most of them are focused on advice or questions that I think other people may be interested in… I thought I might answer them for you guys today!
Q: You are a beauty blogger, one of the few that I read who are not sponsored. Why is that?
A: Actually, back in March I was contacted by a company who wanted to sponsor me! And I really, really, really wanted them to do so! But at the time, I was in school and I was falling behind and it was a low point for me. So I kindly declined the offer because I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog like I needed to and do my school work. I was extremely sad that I did decline but at the time it was what was best for me and I don’t regret that decision. I would love to be given the opportunity to be sponsored again but at the same time, I blog because I love it, it’s what I love to do and I don’t need to be sponsored to be happy. However, being paid for what I love to do is a cherry on top!

Q: You are very involved in church, so how do you have time for church, a blog, and home-life, too?
A: I love church… more than I love my blog! Honestly, I love doing church work too. But I am very organized! I have a calendar sheet for every month that focuses on anything to do with the church. That includes youth movie nights and youth events, as well as church meetings and church fellowships. I also have a calendar for day’s that I need to do stuff around the house, such as cleaning my room, my bathroom, the kitchen and things like that. It really keeps me organized there, so I am not losing track of responsibilities that need to be done at home. I also have a calendar for days that I have something planned or that a family member needs me to take them to, like lunch dates, dinner dates, doctors’ appointments, etc. As for my blog schedule… I know that I have a blog post going up every Monday. Knowing that schedule makes a blog post easier to put up and lets me plan for the next. I also like to have notebooks for church meetings, youth stuff, and blog stuff. Just in case I get an idea. I like to have a plastic envelope with dividers that I can tote anything church related in whether it be clerk stuff or youth director stuff. Another thing that I do is wait till everyone has gone to bed. This allows me to not have to worry if I am offending anyone by staying in my room to get all of my stuff done and it allows me to really think clearly. This means that I am dedicating about 5 hours to church and blog stuff, 12 hours to home-life (which will hopefully soon be dedicated to work), and 7 hours to sleep.

Q: What is your real world dream job?
A: To be honest, I have no clue how to answer that. My ultimate goal is to work where my dad works. He loves his job and I really think that it is a job I would love as well- being as my dad is my role model and he and I are so much alike. With that being said, while I work there I would like to have the money to put myself through college- working on a business management degree and then work on a phycology or counseling degree. Then when I’m much older and can retire reasonably I would like to be a counselor. That is my dream. And if somehow I couldn’t do that then I would settle for a job working in an office because that is essentially what I do now. Or maybe working with children is my ultimate goal… I think only one person knows me well enough to know what I am eventually going to do.

Q: You haven’t dated in a while, why is that?
A: Truthfully, I think of myself as a pretty mature person. I know I need to get a job so that I can support myself and not have to rely on a male, I am not one to play games and most people my age are not serious and don’t plan on being serious, I don’t settle for less than what I know I deserve, and my past relationships just turned me off from the whole dating thing.

Q: But who is this guy we all know you are with?
A: Okay so yes… I am with someone. His name is Greg and he is my better half. We have been dating for over a month and he is incredible! I have never met anyone quite like him, he is such a gentleman and so kind hearted and just honestly everything I have ever pictured in a relationship. He is so supportive of me and he encourages me to do the better things in life.

Q: Have you two had the talk?
A: Ummmm, it’s crossed our minds a few times. He and I both want marriage and kids and all that jazz but it’s just a bit too early to think too much on that. Would I marry him? Yes, In a heartbeat. I say that because there are just some people you are meant to be with and I know that my meant to be is him.

Q: Do you want children?
A: I feel like I have had this question before and I feel like I answered it but I will answer it anyways. Yes, I do want kids. Two or Three would be ideal… now days I like the idea of two.

Q: Names you are in love with?
A: Crazy as it sounds… I have put a lot of thought into this. My first choices would be Grayson Daniel (boy) and Natalie Lauren (girl). My second choice would be Gregory Preston (boy) and Madeline Grace (girl). Other names I have considered for girls are Madelyn Noelle, Noelle Madeline, Madison Claire, Naomi Leora, Gracelyn Noelle. Other names I have considered for boys are Preston Elliot, Nathan Elliot, Garett Preston, and Gregory Elliot.
 Q: We see your Pinterest all the time. We know you’ve got your wedding planned out. And your home for that matter. Explain.

A: I am addicted to Pinterest. I do have my wedding planned out and I do have my home planned out. Little details mean the most to me. For example: My wedding will be my second favorite color and his first favorite color… our bedroom will be the colors of our wedding. Candles will be lit at our wedding for important people who have passed in our life. Ultimately I use Pinterest because I like to figure out how to make the little things count. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am pretty excited about today's post because it has been a pretty important part of my weekly routine for a little over a month now. What is this madness you are talking about Kayla? A manicure! At HOME! Yes, so don't freak out here or anything but i have been pretty good about having a perfect nail this time of year! And it has pretty simple and fairly easy to do. Even better? ALL of these products are available at your local drugstore!

Hopefully i can keep this simple, short, and sweet... fingers crossed. Before i get into this post though i wanted to let you know that next week i will be doing a Q & A post and i would LOVE to answer you guy's questions so shoot me an email or leave a comment below and i WILL answer it for sure!

On with the manicure? On with the manicure!

Step One: Remove any and all nail polish! I typically use a store-brand nail polish remover and a cotton ball. It's just nail polish remover... don't put too much thought into it this early on!

Step Two: Push your cuticles back! I have a little wooden stick that came in a set that i use and i just gently push back the cuticle. This reveals more of your nail and makes them look so much longer.

Step Three: PLEASE clean underneath those tips! The wooden stick i was just talking about has a pointy side that i use to clean under neath the nail and it works like a dream!

Step Four: Shape the nail. I use a glass file to basically file my nails into a square. It really keeps them looking very put together. 

Step Five: Use a 4-way buffing block to achieve the PERFECT basic nail! I use one by the brand Ms. Manicure and it's super simple and idiot-proof! The steps for it are labeled directly on each side. 1. File Away 2. Tidy Those Tips 3. Smooth It Down 4. Polish Me Perfect. I really, really, really love this little gadget... it makes doing your nails effortless. 

Step Six: After all that it is finally time to get down to business! Apply a base coat that fits to your nails needs. Lately my choice has been Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength Formula Base Coat. My nails are definitely much less bendable :O! Let dry about 20 minutes.

Step Seven: Next apply one coat of your favorite nail polish! Mine has been E.L.F. Nail Polish in Red-y or Not. Let dry about 20 minutes.

Step Eight: Apply a second coat or add a glitter coat. Let dry anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours. 

Step Nine: Finally apply a top coat that fits to your nails needs. Honestly for me... i seriously need an all-in-one top coat but apparently they don't make one that is quick-drying, high shine, AND chip resistant... so i settle for Nutra Nail High Gloss Top Coat. 

And that is how i get my PERFECT manicure at home rather than paying $25 to get them done at the salon! :) i hope you enjoyed!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Before anything I just want to tell you all thank you so very much for all the birthday wishes I received! I am beyond blessed to have you all as my readers! There is never a day I don’t think of you all!

Second thing is that tonight will be a double post night because last week I purposely did not post. Why? Because I knew I wanted to let you guys in on my birthday and how things went just because that seems to be a pretty popular subject with everyone, I also knew I would get a lot of questions on what I received as gifts so I wanted to do a separate post for that. Let’s face it… my blog posts can get pretty long so this was the simplest way of doing things.

I did have a pretty big birthday this year, so I do have a lot of gifts- call me spoiled if please but it really just amounts to the fact that I have a wonderful family that I am so grateful for. Hopefully this won’t be too long and to keep it from being too long I’ll just say who it is from and what it is.

Worship Bracelet
From: Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sheila

Disney Princess Cup
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

Ariel Rubber Sponge
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

Physician’s Formula Blemish Healing Concealer
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

Caress Endless Kiss Silkening Body Wash
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

Maybelline Color Tattoo Dare to go Nude Collection: Nude Compliment
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

Maybelline Color Tattoo Dare to go Nude Collection: Beige-ing Beauty
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

The Little Mermaid Magic Towel
From: Momma, Daddy, and Brother

From: Grandma

From: Grandma

From: Grandma L. and Grandpa

From: Grandma L. and Grandpa
You probably noticed that I received a lot of Princess stuff and might be wondering why a 19 year old would receive such gifts. Well, if you know me in real life then you would know that I love Ariel and Belle and for me it’s those gifts that mean so much to me because they are truly bought with thought. The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast are my all-time favorite movies!

I love everything I got and I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life, not because of the gifts but because I know I am loved each and every day!

19th Birthday!?!?

Hello everyone! If you are new to my blog then welcome and thank you for stopping by! Before anything I just want to tell you all thank you so very much for all the birthday wishes I received! I am beyond blessed to have you all as my readers! There is never a day I don’t think of you all!

Second thing is that tonight will be a double post night because last week I purposely did not post. Why? Because I knew I wanted to let you guys in on my birthday and how things went just because that seems to be a pretty popular subject with everyone, I also knew I would get a lot of questions on what I received as gifts so I wanted to do a separate post for that. Let’s face it… my blog posts can get pretty long so this was the simplest way of doing things.

So I will try my very best to keep this short and simple but make sure that the points are made.
I did kinda celebrate my birthday in the time span of three days because my birthday did fall on a Sunday this year and I had many plans throughout the weekend, so I guess that makes me a tiny bit spoiled. No hate.

Friday, October 10th I went to my high school’s homecoming (I can’t believe I wasn’t a part of the band this year! It was weird sitting in the stands as opposed to performing) with my dad, and my mom actually paid and told me it was an early birthday present so I thought that was super thoughtful of her!

Saturday, October 11th I spent the morning in my PJ’s which was very nice! Then my dad asked if I wanted to go see a movie at the local theater and of course I told him yes. So we actually left super early and went to Walmart because I had to pick up some candy for my little ones at church for children’s time. Then we went to my absolute favorite store in the world… Dollar tree… and I picked up a few things for the church and some plates to complete my fall table I have going on! We also went to Dairy Queen and got a blizzard and usually I would get Pumpkin Pie (which is ah-mazing; my dad prefers the Apple Pie over it) but I got the Hawaiian blizzard instead, which was a first timer but it was REALLY yummy; it had coconut shavings, bananas, and pineapples. Finally we went to the theater and let me tell you… if you are into horror movies and are looking to really be scared… go see Annabelle. It was scary as heck and I watch scary movies pretty frequently with my dad.

Sunday, October 12th MY BIRTHDAY! We went to church and the then we had church pictures to take for Pastor Appreciation Month so we did that and then my mommy took my family and I out to eat at Ruby Tuesday (if you care to know I had the salad bar and we all shared the Double Chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream) and then went to Walmart to do our bi weekly grocery trip. We went home and we were attempting to watch the Posession of Micheal King, and if you are into Paranormal Activity I think you’d like this but in a personal opinion, it sucked. Around 5 o’ clock my boyfriend (WHAT?! Yes, that is correct –boyfriend) took me out to “dinner” which consisted of more talking than anything and a movie.

I had a pretty amazing 19th birthday and honestly I have gotten asked by so many how it feels (even though they are all older than me) and to answer that… it’s a little strange because next year I will be 20 but other than that… no different really I just feel like I have to be more mature than I was.

Again thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, it really means the world to me!

Monday, September 29, 2014

September Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! It’s been a while since I did a monthly favorites, which we all know the reason by now I’m sure. So today I decided why not?! I must fair warn you all that I do have quite a bit and I have included some fall favorites as well because who can honestly wait until October? I don’t want to spend too much time on the introduction to this post because there is seriously so much but I will say this month has been so short! I don’t know if it is because all I do now days is clean or because it is just that short! What do you guys think?! Are your months short?

Beautifully Disney Curiouser and Curiouser Eyeshadow Palette: I bought this when I went to Disney and I have used it literally every time I have done my makeup this month! This is the most amazing palette I have ever owned, it definitely out beats Urban Decay Naked. I don’t wanna go into too much detail because I really want to upload a review on YouTube but if you are a Disney Lover and happen to be going to Disney… I’d pick it up- or I’d buy it online!  My favorite shades are Mushroom (which is a taupe shade) and Quiet as a Mouse (which is a burgundy brownish shade).

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Pads: While these say they are Eye Makeup Remover Pads… I use them for the removal of my face makeup as well! There isn’t much to say about make up remover but I will say that they work so well and I will repurchase them! Two pads gets the whole face done, and im sure you can get it done with just one but I personally like to keep eyes to eyes and face to face.

EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint: I have not been a huge fan of these lip balms because they don’t moisturize enough on their own but I do find this particular one to be more moisturizing than the others I have tried and it also leaves a nice tingling feeling and a wonderful taste and scent. I also like to use this if I am going to be around people because I feel like it helps the “breath”. My favorite use of this is to put it on before my other lip products and essentially use it as a lip primer. It wont make the lip products slip and slide but it also doesn’t allow my lips to dry out.

Olay Long Live Moisture Moisturizer: For me… this is perfect! It moisturizes my face so well but doesn’t make it too moisturized that my makeup doesn’t stay in place! It is said to be a satin finish but I find it to be more of a natural finish. It’s perfect for a day time moisturizer.

Milani Multitasker Face Powder: So who else is disappointed that Maybelline discontinued Dream Matte Powder? I bought this in hopes that this could at least be compared to Dream Matte Powder… I think it outshines that! It’s very nice, not cakey, finely milled, matte, nice coverage, and overall amazing. If you liked Maybelline’s powder, I think you will love this!

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Red Velevet: Fall means red… at least to me. I’d label this as a burgundy shimmer nail polish and it dries amazingly fast and is very pigmented with just one coat. I think it’s great for fall and on into the winter season. If you really wanted to jazz it up and get into the fall season you could do an accent nail of a shimmery brown.

Nude Lip Duo: Excuse the picture... a little too much camera fun but, here is a sneak peak of a future post! I have been LOVING a nude lip during the month of September! My nude lip consist of E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Summer Nights layered under Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Crum Brulee and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Foiled. PERFECT! Maybe not long lasting but it’s a beautiful lip duo!

Secret Outlast Completely Clean Deodorant: This kinda speaks for itself but I love this particular scent! But for an added bonus I don’t find myself having to apply more after a day of full blast cleaning.

Avon Flutter Sleeve Dress: I LOVE this dress, I think it is flattering on just about anyone because of it’s A line style. And its blue, royal blue, and that’s flattering on all skin tones. Its also very comfty! I wear this to church on Sunday with a pair of wedges and a few pieces of jewelry and throughout the day with some flip flops and hair in a bun.

Torrid: This store… I want all of it! It is a plus size store that carries sizes 12-28. Its amazing quality and up-to-date clothing styles. I seriously look on there every single day. Now if I could just have a few things… that would be great!

Mainstays Vanilla Spice Candle: This is burned so low because I have used it so much! It’s a vanilla but with a cinnamon and nutmeg scent added to it, it smells so wonderful and so perfect for the fall! I’m hating myself that I didn’t pick up a bigger one!

Mainstays Apple Pumpkin Diffuser: My grandmother got me this last year and it has been put up in a box waiting to be brought out for the fall months! Its that perfect balanced of apple and pumpkin! I am definitely not a fan of apple cinnamon scents and because of that I find it very hard to find an apple scent I might have a chance of using… but this is so nice!  

Avon By The Bonfire Candle: Hannah’s mom gave me a little sample of this and I am in love! It a very unusual scent that smells so manly but also kinda “smokey”. The name is absolutely perfect! If your man has his own “area” I’d buy him this! Or… buy it for yourself.

Plastic Fashion File Pockets: These came from the Dollar Tree and they come with two per pack. I find myself constantly using them! I have one for my youth group, one for church bulletins, on to carry my children’s church lessons in and then one for boy scouts! They are so handy!

Once Upon A Time Season 3: I became addicted to this show earlier this year… season 3 is now on Netflix, my addiction is back! No words to describe this just go watch it!

Mocking Jay: Yes the Hunger Games… yes the movie is about to come out in November… yes I am really late in reading this book… no I do not care. To be fair, the beginning of this book was very dragging but once you get to about the seventh chapter… it is AMAZING!

Blogging: I love blogging… I started this blog because I love to share my opinions with everyone. I know I have run into the obstacles that have sometimes won, but I am back and typing ever so much! I have BIG plans and I have amazing support from everyone! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who reads my blog, follows me, and emails me! It means the world to me! If it were not for you all I would never feel as blessed as I do!

Planning Church Events for the Youth: Big plans, big events, its what I live for! I love having big bashes and teaching our children about our Lord and Savior. Enough said.

@Rodnay on Vine: This kid has had me laughing too much this month! His vine videos are so funny and he makes things that we all do in our everyday life seem so funny and when you actually think about it… he is so right. I have probably watched every single video he has out there and oh my goodness… my stomach begins to hurt so much from the laughter! And how can we forget about that cute southern accent?! Let’s take a minute to appreciate it! AND he lives in Alabama too! That is a cherry on top to me ;) Any who, I stumbled across him because of Hannah and well… fell in love! If you care to, and i strongly recommend you do, here is a link to his Vine page!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Church Supply Haul from Dollar Tree!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am super excited about this haul because it is for my classroom at church! I am a big church go-er, I love it and I am blessed to have such a wonderful church. Now being with my church for about three years has given me a wonderful chance to see what God wants out of me! I have been a Sunday School teacher for a year and have been given the opportunity to do it again for another year, I have also been a Vacation Bible School teacher for 2 years and was just recently given the chance to be a youth director.

Why should I care about this, Kayla? Well, having all these blessings also carries the responsibility of cleaning up after the little ones. I don’t mind it but I could make it easier on myself by having things that organize our supplies. I do plan on getting some other items in the future but for right now I thought I would share what I do have. Not only have I include storage for supplies but also a few books that we use for our Wednesday night bible studies.

I hope you enjoy!

3 green rectangular slotted plastic storage baskets: I thought these would be perfect for markers and pencils. I would like to get a few more as backups but I think these are just perfect for the children.

Fashion File Envelopes with snap closure, 2 pack: I had no clue that this contained two, so that was a bonus! I got these to hold all our youth group stuff in for the year. I added a few notebook dividers that I had left over from last school year and I think it works just divine for the purchase purpose.

Black and White Paisley Print Cardboard File Holder: I wish I would have picked up more of these and im beating myself up that I did not. I only have 1 compliant to this item and that is that you have to tape the holder to keep it together. It can get a bit annoying but for $1, im not complaining too much.

Wipe-off Bible Workbook “Daniel and the Lion’s Den”: I love how this is reusable! Daniel and the Lion’s Den is very popular with the children but having an activity to do with it is an added bonus. I think they will enjoy working on this alone or as a group. Then erase and reuse.

Read and Learn “Stories from the Bible” Workbook: These workbooks have 4 books with them and several different work pages per story. I think they are really useful for the children to learn stories that may not be popular but have important lessons. I think they are so useful for Wednesday’s and easy to discuss.

4 Read and Learn “Champions of the Bible” Workbooks: This book is similar to the one I was just talking about, same setup and same brand just different stories. I really liked these books and how could I pass them up for $1?

1 Purple Rectangle Storage Container with Handles: I got this for another place to store crafts and books and papers and such. It's a nice size for that specific use.

1 Purple Plastic Storage Box with Lid: I purchased this as a just in case thing, but i actually decided to use it for several boxes of markers and it is wonderful for that use!