Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Hello Everyone!
I am gonna make this super, super, SUPER quick because my computer is currently dying! I have 3 post coming up hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow, I have been in Jacksonville, FL for the last 3 days visiting some of my wonderful family and I was blogging on the way down there as well as on the way back to sweet home Alabama. I am currently trying to straighten my home back up from the Christmas holidays because girls let me tell you... it is a mess and a half, I am trying to find homes for my new stuff but ive gotten so much I don't know of anywhere to put it! Anyways I hope you all had a blessed holiday and I hope you will stay tuned for my posts coming up shortly! XOXO Love ya!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gift Sets: For Him

    Hello Everyone!
    I hope you all are doing absolutely wonderful! Is it just me or is anyone else freaking out that there is only 3 days until Christmas!!!??? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, today I have some very exciting news and some not-so-exciting news... i'll announce the exciting news first... today's blog post is on some gift sets for the men in your life! Guys can be so difficult to buy for and I find that every single year I have a really difficult time trying to figure out what to purchase for them. So I have put together a list of 5 items that I would purchase for my dad, my brother, my cousin, my best friend, or maybe someday (and by someday I mean in a very long time) a boyfriend, husband, etc. I think these are all really great gifts and I really feel like its reasonably priced because everything is UNDER $50! So lets get started!





Men's Classic Analog Digital Watch for $38.99

Okay, so the bad news... I am hosting a Children's Christmas Lock-In for my church on December 23rd (tomorrow) and December 24th (Christmas Eve) so I will busy all day tomorrow getting everything set up and ready, and then on Christmas Eve night I am traveling about an hour and a half to visit some family and traveling back later that night (about 9:30-ish). Christmas Eve is also my little brothers birthday so I do have plans with him. Of course on Christmas Day I will be with my family and will probably not blog for a few days afterwards. The coming up weekend I will actually be traveling down to Florida, to see some family down there. So I do hope to talk to you all very, very, very soon! XOXO!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Perfect Gift: Pampered... plus some tips!

Hello Everyone!
Christmas is right around the corner, are you excited? I most definitely am! I don't know about you guys but I start doing Christmas shopping especially early, most often in November! With that said, there are so many different types of people on my Christmas list... everything from the sleepers to the girly-girls, and it can sometimes be difficult figuring out what to get these people, so I have put together a list for you all for the type of people who maybe deserve to take a break from life and relax a bit! For this particular list I had my Granny in mind, she is always go, go, go but never takes time to just sit down and breath, this would also be a nice gift to give yourself! Please feel free to substitute anything and if there is something you recommend please leave it in the comments! I have also included a few tips and tricks and descriptions of a few items that might get confusing for some people. Hope you enjoy!

  • Bubble Bath: What is a little bit of relaxation without the bubbles? I love bubble baths, they are so relaxing and sometimes you can get some with an aroma that relaxes you even more! My choice is Avon's Vanilla Cream Bubble Bath

  • Bath Bomb: I think these are so fun because they add a fragrance to the bath, and sometimes they add color to the water. I really like these because depending on the time I take my bath, there are scents that can wake you up, some that can relax you, some that can help you sleep, and so many other things! One of my favorites is Hugo Naturals Guiuacwood & Bergamot Fizzy Bath Bomb

  • Body Wash: I don't know about you all but I prefer body wash over bar soap. However, I change my body washes pretty regularly because I don't like to wear out any specific body washes... so 1 month I will have a fresh and clean scent, the next month I might have a moisturizing body wash, and then the next I might have one that is all girl. A few of my favorites are Dial Antibacterial Body Wash, Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, and Caress Scarlet Blossom Body Wash

  • Deep Cleanser: I love deep cleaning my face and I especially love when I can feel the product working! I always deep clean my face before exfoliating because I honestly feel like it cleans my face more before than after exfoliating. One of my favorites is Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream

  • Exfoliator: Oh my goodness, I can not even begin to tell you how important it is to exfoliate your face during the winter months! Not only does the wind and the cold dry your skin out but the skin can become clammy-feeling and just look unhealthy. One of my favorites is Burt's Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub

  • Cleanser: I think a cleanser is important for any spa night or anyone who loves being pampered because it really gets you feeling prepared to take on anything and can honestly be very relaxing because you know you are taking care of a few tasks in one easy step. I am still a teenager and I do still have acne so I really know that this is an important step in my daily routine. Currently my favorite is L'Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser

  • Face Mask: This is also an important item for any spa night! I love, love, love facial masks, they just make me feel so pampered after a long day of school or a day at work when I feel gross and dirty. This is definitely a necessity! I really like Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Purifying Facial Mask

  • Body Lotion: So... you have had your bath and you are nice and clean, feeling refreshed, what else can possibly make this anymore luxurious? A nourishing body lotion! While your body is still damp, apply your favorite lotion in your favorite scent and wrap up in a bath robe! Your body will soak in the lotion and your skin will be flawlessly moisturized, soft, and smooth. My favorites are from Bath & Body Works, the triple moisture body creams are amazing! I really like Sweet Pea Triple Mosture Body Cream

  • Foot Cream: Why do you need a foot cream when you have lotion? Well your feet need a lot more moisture than your body, for one thing. You are on your feet on and off through out the whole day, on top of that you may not have shoes that are very pampering and relaxing to your feet. Having a foot cream that targets your specific feet needs is desirable and can leave you feeling relaxed with no cares in the world, so pick one up, smother your feet in the cream and then put on a pair of aloe infused socks! One of my favorite foot creams is Avon's Foot Works Beautiful Deep Moisturizing Cream

  • Face Moisturizer: Like your feet, you need a different lotion for your face than your body. You have put so many products on your face and stripped your face from what oils you had, for some this might not be a terrible thing but for people with dry and combination skin you still need to put moisture back in. With my acne prone skin and combination skin, I need that added moisture but I need to make sure it doesn't clog the pores I've just cleaned. Therefor I use three different moisturizers at the moment (keep in mind my skin is more dry this time of year because of the wind and chill the winter weather brings to Alabama). My favorite is Clean & Clear Advantage Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer  

I hope this was helpful to benefit you or to shop for someone on your own list this year! Of course you can add your own items to replace others and you can get more or less totally your choice! A few other items I did not mention that would be ideal to complete your gift basket or gift bag would be items such as a body scrub, a robe, a pair of aloe infused socks, lip balm or chapstick, hair masks, shower caps, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
I also wanted to apologize for my absence the past few weeks. I have been so busy with school and finals, as well as work, Christmas shopping, and just trying to get time to sleep. I have so many posts planned and everything, it is just a matter of finding the time to write them and add pictures to them. I have a few hauls, empties, gift ideas, reviews, and holiday looks planned out. I am hoping that I may find the time through the holidays to work on my blog.

XOXO, Kayla!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Where Have I been this time?!

Hello Everyone!
I know, I know... you don't blog enough! Shame on me! I'm so sorry you guys, I am in my final year of school and truthfully... it is so not what it is cracked up to be! I have so many posts ready to be written but I have had no time at all to even sit down and relax. I am really behind in two classes and they end on the 20th so im pulling late nights. I hope you all understand and I do plan to carry over my Christmas blogs into the new year because I love the holidays and there is always next year! Anyways I love you all!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perfect Gift: Sleeper

Hello Everyone!
Christmas is right around the corner and I am incredibly excited! I don't know about you guys but Christmas is my favorite time of year and I like to start shopping for Christmas gifts early on before everything gets sold out. I have done a little Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, and no worries I will have a posts on that, but I thought about how difficult it was to pick out gifts for my family. This particular gift is geared towards people who have difficulty sleeping, my dad is one of these people and I was going to buy these particular items for him until I came up with a different idea.   
  •  Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Gift Box: This gift set is $35.00 at Bath & Body Works and includes Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion, Body Wash, and Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb, and a Fern Wallflowers Plug. Which covers $35.10 worth of products that I would originally buy separately, plus a pretty gift box.

  • Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist: This is $10.00 at Bath & Body Works, it might seem a bit much, however, when you spray this onto your pillow just before you lay down, you will smell the lavender which will relax your body and help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea: This is $2.38 at Walmart and it includes 20 tea bags. You make this about 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime to comfort the body and give a perfectly balanced flavor achieved by blending soothing herbal ingredients from around the world--including floral Egyptian chamomile, cool spearmint from the Pacific Northwest, and lively Guatemalan lemongrass.
If you are looking for alternatives for the Bath & Body Works products I would advise you to check out Glade's Lavender & Vanilla products at Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Stores in you area. The brand includes items such as candles, plug-ins, room sprays, and a solid air freshener. Same method as the Bath & Body Works items, but often a lot less.