Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don’t give up on YOUR daydream!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I know it’s been kind of a while since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post but I decided that today would be the day I sat down and made time to do so! And I am actually kind of excited to write this post! Why? Because this is a ‘What is inside Kayla’s head’ post… and we don’t get too many of those around here!

So let me first begin by saying my head is up in the clouds. I’ve had A LOT go down in the past week or so and I’m gonna elaborate on all of it before I even get into the actual reasoning of this post.

First thing is first, I have a boyfriend! WHAT?!?! Yes, you heard me correctly. J This man is absolutely perfect! I have never felt this close to anyone in my life! He is literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a man and I am beyond BLESSED to have him as a part of my life. We honestly have so much in common that it completely trumps the small things we disagree upon. Also, he has a YouTube Channel... and I adore watching his videos!

Secondly, my weight-loss journey! I am still holding at 202, but my doctor and I were discussing some health issues I have and he decided that 15 to 18 more pounds gone in 3 months is going to fix this. So I will have at least one post on how that goes!

Now on to my day dreaming… I’m often asked by friends and family members how I would decorate my home once I do decide to move out. Truthfully, I have put a ton of thought into this and it’s honestly kind of ridiculous. But I think it is very important to have some kind of idea as to how you’re gonna decorate so that you can plan for it in the meantime. Also, if you are anything like me- the little things matter. A house is not a home unless you make it one. So make it a home. I was inspired to do this because a really old friend of mine is getting married and she’s putting so many details in her wedding! So I thought why not put those details in a home too?!

Living Room: To me, this should be a calming, relaxing atmosphere that reflects you and your partner.  I imagine my living room to be very reflective of positivity from God’s word, family oriented, and cozy. So think browns and creams and lots of pictures, crosses, and biblical quotes.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Let’s be realistic here, 9 times out of 10 the woman does the cooking. Therefore, I think the woman should have the overall say-so of what the kitchen décor is. Personally, Coffee-themed is the way for me! I love coffee and while it isn’t everyone’s cup of java… it is mine! I think the mocha hues are beautiful in a kitchen, so are the creams! ;) (If you got all the puns in that… you are awesome!)

Master Bedroom: I don’t know why but I have always thought the bedroom should in some way resemble you’re wedding day! At this point and time I imagine our room to have a lot of red and white shades, roses, crosses, and candles! Because that’s how I imagine my wedding day… which that’s a whole different story!

Master Bathroom: I cannot express how important I feel a bathroom is in a marriage… call me crazy and a little too personal but I think it’s important to bond through a bubble bath. Which is why I feel like the Master Bathroom should have a spa-like feel to it. Think candles, water fountains, baby blue hues with speckles of light green and beige, simple and elegant yet truly romantic.

Other rooms… 

Guest Bedroom: Express yourself a little bit here, but also know that you are trying to make a guest feel comfortable! I picture this as an elegant Disney room! “Be our guest, be our guest!” J Gray, yellow, and white! Happy and comfy… still elegant though! I would also keep in mind that this could potentially be a future child’s room so keeping the colors neutral like that could be beneficial!

Family Bathroom: Still express yourself, but make sure it’s going to make guest feel comfortable! For me, I imagine a black and white Disney them with pops of red… because I love Disney and it reflects the honeymoon that I will for sure have!

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