Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Recent Obsession!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! So i've been MIA lately but because of this... i've discovered my new addiction in life!

Deal shopping!

I've always loved a good buy but since i've been getting stuff ready for the beach i've learned to love and appreciate deal shopping even more. With that being said i feel i should mention that i am a sucker for name brands! So when i see a good deal on a name brand item... it's mine, i've gotta have it!

Keeping this post simple, short and sweet... i thought i'd mention a few stores you should surely check out if you love shopping for a good deal!

  • Burkes Outlet! I have bought everything from dresses to bra's and panties from here. Even a Yankee Candle! I believe the most i've ever spent here is $18.99 on one item. Really good stuff for the house or the closet, for a good deal!
  • Big Lots! This is where i stock up on sunscreen, makeup, nail polish, home decor... even CD's. I love that everything here is heard of but discounted prices. OPI nail polish for $1.99? L'oreal sunless tan for $5.00? Plus the savings on the club card?! Yes please! This is a go to for almost everything excluding clothing!
  • Citi Trends! I dont know if this is even located elsewhere other than my town but i bought 3 outfits just yesterday for under $40 for the 3! I even spotted some Just Fab shoes for $8.99! Some items are name brand and others are a little if-y but i have found some amazing stuff in this store!
  • TJ Max! Does this surprise you? Now this one is a good bit pricey-er however, its worth the splurge if you've just gotta have it without the million dollar price tag!

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