Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Talk... Health!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Blog! I have been reading through my emails lately and came across a lot of great request and I want you to know that I will be doing them soon! Tonight I thought about pulling in a few of those request like going into my perfume collection or even talking about my lipstick collection but I thought maybe, just maybe, I could try to pull off something a little different for you guys. What is this witchcraft you ask? Well simple! I thought I'd share my diet and fitness with you!
First let me start off by saying I have dieted for years and years and ive stuck to a few things and I've ditched a lot of things. I like the idea of a diet but I never actually stick to one. So As of March 1st I have officially been on Atkins, a low carb diet. Now atkins takes your carb count and subtracts any fiber and sugar alcohol and gives you a net carb total. You get 20-25 a day. Which I've heard can be a struggle for some but it's not that bad to me. The only downside, in my opinion, is the "healthy" things like greek yogurt, blue berries, strawberries, bananas, etc. you can't have because they have so many carbs in them. I love that kinda stuff. However, you can have beef jerky, olives, cheese, and hard boiled eggs no problem.
It's not bad, but it does have a downfall. I started off in March weighing 230 pounds my weigh in today was 210 pounds. That is a total of 20 pounds lost in a little over a month, and I had several cheat days. I can only imagine the results if I would have stuck to the diet day in and day out! So I do recommend this if nothing is working and you do want something to work!
What else am I doing to benefit my weight-loss? I am taking vitamins! Currently I am taking One-A-Day for Women Multivitamin, Biotin 5,000 mg, B12 2500 mg, and Enchanicia 1000mg. I will probably take away the one-a-day and replace it with a different multivitamin because I really cant tell the difference when I take that multivitamin or not and I should be able to. I may also add FitMiss Burn to my daily dosing just because I think it could really help me in the long run.
Speaking of running... are you running Kayla? Not exactly but I do go to the gym pretty frequently. I spend about an hour on the treadmill at 3.5 incline and 3.0 speed, 25 minutes on the bike with 1.0 resistance, I try the elliptical but I typically only stay on it for about 5 minutes, and I really don't do weight lifting for in place of that I generally swim for about 30 minutes doing laps. That is my workout and the goal is to burn the calories im putting in my body. Afterwards I treat myself to a powerade-zero and go home.   

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