Sunday, April 5, 2015

Current Favorites!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog! I am high-wired and ready to go with wet nails and a Starbucks Double-Shot coffee! I thought i would sit down and work on a new post for you all because it might be another week before i can do it again based on the fact that i have quite a few turn-arounds to do. Yeah, i know, more excuses... 

 Anyways, today i am going to be sharing my favorites of the moment... things i love and have been loving... for a while or for a week. It's madness i tell you- we are all mad here ;) So in no particular order, shall we begin?

Crest HD Toothpaste: I know how ridiculous it is to pay $13.00 for some toothpaste but i got my hands on a sample before it was even released and fell in love! Now let's have "dirty" talk for a second here... I have dry mouth which causes awful breath, gingivitis which is a gum disease, and sensitive teeth which is probably from all the years i spent whitening my teeth so with all this being said... my dentist is pretty strict with my toothpaste and my mouth has to be happy and both were pretty pleased with this suggestion. It is a little more time consuming but the results as far as whitening goes is AMAZING! I do plan on continuing to use this until October to see if it helps at all with my gingivitis (which i've had for almost 2 years now) and to see if my teeth can hold up to the sensitivity. I'll let you know. Give it a try if you can though! The only complaint i have is that there are two steps as opposed to one but if you brush twice a day, on rush days you can use a normal toothpaste.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish: I had an eye on this for months and im so glad i finally got it! So far i have tried three shades and im impressed with all but one! The one is B Girl... it chipped awfully. The others are great, no chipping they last about a week on my nails (through work, workouts, cleaning, and driving around the world)! Which is great because usually the day of my nails are a goner! I strongly recommend this! But if you do give it a go you will need to use one of the four-sided nail buffers every three uses. 

Suave 24 Protection Deodorant in Everlasting Sunshine: I usually stick to Secret and i have for years but i saw this at the Dollar Tree and i was like "well ill get one and if i dont like it ill give it to my mom or grandma" turns out, i loved it! i have search for another everywhere and i cant find it but the smell is amazing and you can smell it all throughout the day! (<--- which i personally like) I basically use this as my "work deodorant" because i know it will last and still have that strong scent.

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant: Two? Yeah, no judging.  I use this when i workout and when i feel like its gonna be "one of those days". I really like it, it works. I think im gonna get the sport one to go in my gym bag.

Faded Glory Easter Dress: Okay so this may seem obsessive and absurd but i bought three of these dresses one in Pink, Blue, and White and i love them all. it is a cute style, textures, and the colors are pretty. And i wear dresses alot in the spring and summer so it makes perfect sense.

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