Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weight Loss Journey!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog! Yesterday I weighed in at 205 pounds, while that may seem like an "oh my gosh YOU ARE SO FAT" number and nothing to be proud of... I am hugely proud of myself! Why? Because I have now lost 25 pounds on this diet and that is incredible. I don't think I have talked too much on this diet but it is Atkins, low carb diet.
Atkins website is brilliant at explaining this whole process but to give you a run down... you watch net carbs. Net carbs is what you get when you subtract your carbs from the fiber and from sugar alcohols. On Atkins you get 20-25 net carbs a day, However I do 20 net carbs a day. It's an easier number for me to have count of and a lower amount of carbs you get in a day... which I need. I have seen a bigger result of weight loss when watching carbs subtracted from fiber... but I have preferences in what I eat that I just can't do that.
Listed below is a meal plan for 7-days a week, and yes this is what I do. Also I wanted to talk about the exercises I do and where I get the ideas from as well as apps I use to help. I will list those below the meal plan.
Day One: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas steamed in 1 tsp. of butter and 1 tsp. water (4 Net Carbs), Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice (1 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Atkins Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo (5 Net Carbs)
-Snack: Atkins Chocolate Coconut Treat Bar (3 Net Carbs)
Day Two: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Good & Delish Bacon Jerky (Bought at Walgreens, 3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Jeanie-O Extra Lean Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), Almonds (3 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Turkey and Ham roll ups [Turkey (0 net carbs), Ham (0 net carbs), 5 slices of cheddar cheese (5 net carbs)] (5 net carbs), 1/2 cup cucumber slices (2 net carbs), Ranch (1 net carb)
Day Three: 16 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Southwestern Chicken Strips (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), String Cheese (1 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Atkins Beef Merlot (6 Net Carbs)
Day Four: 17 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs (1 Net Carbs for both)
-Lunch: 2 servings of Romaine Lettuce (4 Net Carbs), Reduced Sodium Bacon Bits (0 Net Carbs), 2 servings of Ranch (2 Net Carb)
-Dinner: Broccoli (7 Net Carbs), Warmed Jeanie-O Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs)
-Snack: Atkins Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Crunch Bar (3 Net Carbs)
Day Five: 18 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate 18 Chip Granola Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Jeanie-O Turkey Slice (0 Net Carbs), Sharp Cheddar Cheese slice (1 Carb), Almonds (3 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Atkins Peperoni Pizza (11 Net Carbs) 
Day Six: This is my cheat day! Even though I do have a cheat day, I do still watch what I eat, it's become a part of me to do so. So indulge but do not over indulge! I really like veggies and fruit but because they are so high in carbs I don't get them too often so I really go all out on veggies. I still watch how many calories i'm eating.
-Breakfast: Coffee (with no calorie sweetener and milk) and fresh fruit or oatmeal
-Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad (typically from Walmart) and Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt
-Dinner: A ton of veggies and a piece of meat.
Day Seven: 19 Net Carbs
-Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar (3 Net Carbs)
-Lunch: Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast (2 Net Carbs), Snow Peas (4 Net Carbs), Pistachios (5 Net Carbs)
-Dinner: Grilled Steak (0 Net Carbs), 1/2 cup Cucumber Slices (2 Net Carbs), Ranch (1 Net Carb)
-Snack: Atkins Nutty Fudge Brownie (2 Net Carbs)
So I typically never hit the 20 Net Carb mark... you don't have to, and truthfully I'm glad you don't because I am full after every meal! As you can see... I do not give up the things I like- such as chocolate and pizza. It can get pricey shopping but certain things can go over into the next week, like the meal bars, treats, Tyson products, Jeanie-O Turkey, coffee, oatmeal, ranch, cheese, almonds, pistachios and stuff like that. Most things I do not have to purchase but once a month and meats I buy in packages and freeze. I also repeat some meals within the week because I might have really liked what I had. I'm also known to have a snack or treat for breakfast as opposed to buying another package of meal bars. One day, I'll add it all up and tell you the cost but until then you are left to wonder on your own.
Now on top of the diet, I take vitamins and workout. So let me talk vitamins for a second. Biotin, One a Day Multi, and B12. That is what I take for myself... now some of that might change in a month or so but until then this is what I am doing.
At the Gym?
60 minutes on treadmill: Incline and Speed both 3.5
10 minutes on bike: Resistance at 8.0
5 minutes on elliptical
10 sets of curl bars: I use 5 pound weights, 5 curls per set.
20 sit ups
2 laps around the walking trail: Basically 1 mile
30 minutes in the pool: Lap swimming
All in all I spend about 3 1/2 hours at the gym every visit. I workout about 4 times a week.
My goal is to burn EVERY calorie I have put in my body and then a few extra. How do I keep up with the calories I taken in? I use myfitnesspal. I do really like the app because it lays it out flat what I have ate, even on my cheat days it makes sure I stay within my calorie count. I loose about 3 pounds a week doing all I do and I am happy with that result.
Hope you enjoyed!

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