Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's be girls!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! As I sit here painting my nails I got to thinking about being a girl. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its a pain in the bum, and sometimes there is an in between. I had to pick up a few products the other night and me and a few of the other girls had a discussion about how we handle "being girls". Now before we begin, I must say... I am very girly so I do the best of the best and research everything.
Anyways, I debated on this particular post because... well it get deep, down, and personal. But I remember how much I needed something like this when I was first beginning. So today I am gonna discuss products I use to groom "lovely-lady-parts" and then some. Because the truth is, I was never taught, so it would have been nice to have a little guidance.
First thing is first. Groom how you want to! Personally, I like brazilin styles. But do what you want.
Finishing Touch Diamond Personal Hair Remover: With this, I start off with the bikini shaving attachment and as the hair becomes shorter, I use it without the attachment. I love that this has a light so you can see where you are going. It really makes a huge difference!
Bikinizone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel: Once the hair is short enough apply this. It's clear so you can see where you are going and it also helps prevent the red irritated bumps that can occur.
Gillette Venus & Olay 5-blade Razor: A razor with a high number of blades is going to be the best for this area. I do buy a thicker blade because I feel like it gives me a closer shave. I'm a huge fan of this one! The trick is to go over the area only once or twice if you must! This is going to keep you from getting razor burns.
Sea Breeze Fresh Clean Astringent for Sensitive Skin: I use this on a cotton pad to apply after my shaving. I feel like it causes less irritation.
...Other items?
Summers Eve Cleansing Wash: a body wash for you area! I really like this because it doesn't irritated and doesn't dry the skin out!
Always Lightly Scented Wipes: I use these in placement of toilette paper, I feel like it keeps me much cleaner. 
Summer's Eve Deodorant Spray: If you haven't figure it out, I don't do odors, so this is an extra precaution to make sure im confident no matter what! I spray it on the area and on my panties.
So that's my girl talk!
I hope you enjoyed!

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